We project an ideal microclimate

Summer closeness or winter cold, vsepronikayushchy road dust and suffocating street smog, and also ubiquitous drafts – all these factors negatively influence health of inhabitants of city apartments. How to the citizen to find a breath of fresh air, without leaving city boundaries? The decision simple – using modern technologies and the equipment, to take over the control of a microclimate of the dwelling and to become the absolute master of weather in the apartment!

Stage first: isolation from the street

The first obligatory point in the list of measures for creation of a favorable microclimate in the city apartment should actions which will allow to protect the internal environment of the dwelling from environment influence, that is streets appear. Alas, old wooden windows in any way do not promote it. Warmly irrevocably flows away through cracks of the cracked window frames. Exhaust gases and other "aromas" of brisk highways irritate sense of smell of residents and undermine their health, and street dust and a soot freely scatter on the apartment.

Installation of modern plastic windows becomes the unique rather effective measure in this case. According to Nellie Kutukova, the head of the Novosibirsk company «Your windows», the most important differences of modern designs from their primogenitors are the durability and a highly effective thermal insulation. Frames and shutters of plastic windows gather from the multichamber PVC profile strengthened by steel inserts that guarantees their durability and reliability. The raised level of a heat-shielding can be reached if to use tight double-glazed windows from two-three glasses chambers between which are filled with inert gases (for example, argon). Additional protection against drafts provide elastic cold-resistant a sealant thanks to which shutters densely adjoin to a frame and do not pass neither cold, nor noise, a city dust.

«To avoid a promerzaniye of windows even in the most hard frosts, we recommend to use profile systems c in assembly width not less than 70 mm, for example, PROPLEX-Comfort-Plus, – Anton Bogdanov, the marketing director of the PROPLEX company notes. – This system allows to establish thick two-chamber double-glazed windows in width to 52 mm with energy saving glasses. On thermoresistance such window is comparable to a brick wall, and to it the most severe winters what can be in Siberia or on Far North» are not terrible.

Balconies or loggias if them to glaze, can become additional way of protection of rooms adjoining them from cold and a dust. If residents do not plan to use these rooms during cold time, experts advise to establish easy plastic balcony systems. They differ only in the thickness of a profile and number of chambers, however become a serious barrier on a noise and dust way.

In parallel with measures for isolation of rooms it is necessary to provide and possibility of inflow of fresh air. So, doctors-hygienists recommend to air a room to four times a day for 15 minutes. «The modern window accessories provide possibility of so-called slot-hole airing – at special position of the handle the shutter appears slightly is slightly opened, passing from the street a thin stream of air, – Anton Bogdanov (PROPLEX) speaks. – Climatic valves built in a window (for example, Air-Box) or systems of window ventilation of "Aereko" through which fresh air arrives in rooms even if shutters are closed however are much more effective. At such way of airing the problem of drafts and a dust completely is solved, and air is indoors updated in 6-8 hours».

Stage second: heating rationally

The following step on a way to creation of an individual microclimate in the apartment – to achieve possibility to establish indoors comfortable temperature. The centralized heating inherent in the majority of apartment houses, has an essential shortcoming – limitation of management of heat received by the apartment. In particular, residents of apartment houses during the periods of thaw quite often face "retops" when the unique possibility to reduce closeness in the apartment is to crack windows. That it to avoid, it is necessary to supply all devices of heating with automatic radiatorny temperature regulators.

They give the chance to establish temperature indoors to within one degree in a wide range. Thus, in each room it is possible to adjust an optimum mode of heating or in general to put it on a minimum if the apartment is empty. Considering that now along with counters of water and an electricity devices of the accounting of thermal energy, this measure are entered not only will help to create a comfortable microclimate, but also will save many means.

«At installation it is necessary to consider that in the majority of apartment houses of mass series the out-of-date one-trumpet scheme of distributing of heating is applied, – Alexander Dubnyakov, the area manager «notices Radiatornye temperature regulators and balancing valves» the Danfoss companies, the largest global manufacturer of the energy saving equipment for heat supply systems. – Before establishing a temperature regulator on an inlet pipe of the device of heating, it is necessary to make installation байпаса – crossing points between submitting and taking-away pipes of a radiator».

Besides, according to Alexander Dubnyakov, far not any thermostat can work in the Russian systems of a heat supply. The expert recommends the temperature regulators equipped with the polnoprokhodny Danfoss RA-G valve for one-trumpet system which are developed taking into account features of domestic service conditions.

One of the alternative decisions, allowing to raise thermal comfort, "heat-insulated floor" is. On a way of heating it happens water and electric. But only the second option as connection of water floors to system of the centralized heat supply is not authorized is available to inhabitants of city apartments. «In the conditions of vertical one-trumpet distributing installation of water heat-insulated floors leads to disbalance of system of heating of all house. Besides, pressure of water in pipes of a heat-insulated floor should not exceed 1-1,5 atm., and pressure in a network of a central heating makes 6-7 atm., – Alexey Kositsyn, the design engineer of the construction company «Heat of VK» argues – At any time there can be a gap from which neighbors from below will suffer. Therefore the water floor can be connected only on a separate contour: or from a heating copper, or via the heat exchanger with pump and mixing knot».

Thus, the best decision for city apartments there are electric heat-insulated floors. Telling about technology of installation of similar systems, Herman Kadinsky, the deputy director general of the Torgpoliprom company rendering services in installation and repair of systems of heating and water supply, explains that the heating cable keeps within under a floor covering, a concrete coupler or in special metal assembly. The temperature of a floor can automatically be regulated in a range from 25 to 32°С. However a powerful minus of such decision is high power consumption and the corresponding costs of an electricity. Therefore in houses with the central system of heating "heat-insulated floor" is usually used as the additional decision.

Stage third: air is pure and fresh!

If have to face a problem of "retops" not all residents, the summer heat is familiar to almost each Russian not by hearsay. The best means from it there is a powerful conditioner. According to Vadim Sokolov, the technical engineer of the Stroytekhmontazh company, the Split system most of all is suitable for the city apartment wall. Such conditioners consist of two blocks: internal, mounted indoors, and an external building established on a facade. If it is necessary to cool at once some rooms in the apartment (a drawing room, a bedroom and the nursery), instead of several independent units it is possible to choose multisplit-system which turns on one external block and some internal. The similar decision will manage for 20-30 % cheaper, than installation of the separate conditioner in each room.

Necessary productivity of the device can be estimated according to such scheme: about 1 kW on each 10 sq.m of a room with height of ceilings to 3 meters. But final settlements nevertheless are better for entrusting the expert as in attention should be accepted not only the room area, but also number of residents, existence in a room of heatallocating devices, orientation of rooms on parts of the world, the sizes and air permeability of windows and many other factors.

As the inhabitant of the zagazovanny city for certain wants, that air in its apartment was not only is cool, but also is relieved of a dust and foreign smells, it is necessary to look narrowly at conditioners with functions of purification of air.

«In modern conditioners the various filters intended for purification of air from different types of pollution are quite often established: a dust, a tobacco smoke, flower pollen, bacteria, etc., – Vladimir Sviridov, the technical specialist of the Evroklimat company (the Russian distributor of the GREE company conducting global manufacturer of the climatic equipment) speaks. – For example, in ours a Split systems besides the standard mesh filter of preliminary cleaning additional filters of six various types are used: coal, katekhinovy, antibacterial, kriokatalitichesky, photocatalytic, and also electrostatic. The buyer himself can choose conditioner model with such combination of filters which in the best way meets his requirements».

Providing by means of the modern climatic equipment purity of air and ecological safety in own apartment, it is worth to remember about the economic party of a question. After all the conditioner concerns most "gluttonous" in the electric power consumption plan to household appliances.

It is better to choose conditioner model where the invertorny technology is realized from these reasons. «In such device thanks to smooth adjustment of speed of operation of the compressor the expense of the electric power decreases for 30 % in comparison with ordinary conditioners, – Vladimir Sviridov ("Evroklimat") explains.

Clean air, heat and cosiness in the city apartment irrespective of whims of the nature is at all an excess. After all our housing is a slice of personal space where the person has a rest, gains strength. For this reason the microclimate here should correspond to specific features of residents, differently uncomfortable conditions can be reflected not only in the psychological atmosphere, but also on a state of health. Усовершенствуя the systems supporting optimum climate in the apartment, we not simply invest in life support systems, we create the small world according to own project.

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