Industrial fan heaters: features of a choice

Industrial fan heaters: features of a choice Industrial fan heaters: features of a choice Industrial fan heaters: features of a choice Industrial fan heaters: features of a choice

The fan heater is the equipment intended for heating of a room by warm air. The equipment of an industrial and household purpose, with various capacity and possibilities differs. However regardless of that, or industrial the heating equipment is household, it consists of the case with TAN established inside – a heating element, the engine and the fan. The principle of operation of the device is based on compulsory convection – cold air gets to a fan heater, in the device passes through heating elements, heats up and blown in a room.

Gas high-efficiency models – thermal guns – are used for fast heating of air in rooms, completely replacing with itself other types of heating. However they demand good ventilation. The high efficiency of this equipment became the reason of that gas devices often are called as heatgenerators. Diesel models apply diesel fuel as fuel. These types of devices have direct heating at which products of combustion are not deduced from a room outside. Therefore diesel fan heaters apply to heating of uninhabited objects more often. Devices with indirect heating have special дымоотводы, however normal air exchange is indoors obligatory.

Owing to the listed reasons, the electric fan heater, as equipment the simplest in use and rather economic uses special popularity. The unit is capable to create the directed stream of warm air. That the device did not overheat, it is equipped with temperature sensors. The capacity is regulated by switches – automatic or hand-operated, or the temperature regulators built in the unit for constant temperature indoors. The temperature mode established and supported by the device, can keep a constant temperature from 5 to 40 degrees.

The thermal equipment which is carrying out the same functions, can be called differently. A synonym of an industrial fan heater is the heater. And big and powerful types of thermal units call thermal guns. They differ in the considerable capacity reaching 3-30 kW and large dimensions – the weight of devices makes from 7 to 30 kg. Thermal guns are capable to maintain constant temperature on the big areas – building sites, in shops, in warehouses. However and the electric power they consume much more. Many industrial models are figurative that is convenient for their moving.

How to choose the thermal equipment?

The thermal equipment can have ample opportunities of application:

  • heating of shops, production rooms, change houses;
  • heating of warehouses during the winter time preventing freezing of the goods (as a main type of heating);
  • heating of trading pavilions, shops, shopping centers on an entrance in a room – so-called «a thermal veil»;
  • heating of repaired buildings, building sites;
  • the directed drying of overalls, room drying after "damp" types of construction works (regardless of a season);
  • heating of office rooms;
  • heating of country houses in the absence of other heating devices.

In all listed cases the heater electric will help to heat up quickly air to the necessary temperature and to support it at necessary level.

Choosing equipment for room heating, it is necessary to count, what zone the thermal stream should cover. The demanded capacity of the device depends on this parameter. On the average, for normal heating of a placement on each 100 square meters of the area it is necessary to spend 3 kW of capacity – provided that the room is normally warmed. If the electric fan heater is supposed to be used on the open areas or in not warmed rooms, in capacity of the equipment it is necessary to introduce amendments.

Each producer usually specifies parameters on which this or that model of thermal equipment is calculated. It is necessary to adhere to these instructions. On an entrance in the device and on an exit from it the temperature can differ on 30-100 degrees. The hottest air settles down at distance in 6-7 meters from a forward part of the device. As a whole, efficiency which has an industrial heater, in 10 times exceeds efficiency of other types of the thermal equipment.

Main producers of the thermal equipment

Today the buyer has possibility to choose an industrial fan heater of domestic or foreign production, leaning on device capacity, overall dimensions and other characteristics. For example, the equipment from the Russian producer the TROPIC is the thermal veils intended for cutting off of cold air at an entrance in a room and thermal guns, each of which represents a powerful heater with compulsory convection of air. Products are issued in the range of models, have various capacity (from 4 to 30 kW) and do not concede to foreign analogs.

One more Russian producer offers the heating equipment of the BALLU brand. Having chosen an industrial fan heater or a thermal veil of this producer, it is possible to count on high-quality heating of production, inhabited or industrial rooms. The company developed and innovative tubular TAN from stainless steel applies, and all used materials differ the increased margin of safety. Guns and veils are issued in several series.

Devices from the FRICO company (Sweden) are intended for stationary heating of rooms of the various area. The heater electric from this company depending on capacity, can warm both small garage or a workshop, and showroom, a warehouse or the sports ground. Differ profitability and simplicity of installation. The heating equipment of DANTEX made in China, is a quality combination and the democratic price. Products can be figurative or permanently be mounted on a room wall, have some series of various capacity, the sizes and design. Good operational characteristics also thermal equipment differs from the Irish company DIMPLEX. Under this brand it is possible to find a qualitative electric fan heater, thermal guns and veils.

Choosing the producer, it is necessary to give preference to the companies, whose production is certificated according to the international and Russian standards, pozharo-and электробезопасна. So, the thermal equipment from the developing ProraB company has all necessary certificates. The choice is presented by productive models of electric fan heaters with a capacity range from 2 to 5 kW. These devices have productivity to 184 cubic meter of warm air at an o’clock and can actively be applied to heating of production, office, inhabited, trading and other objects. Production of this brand at the attractive prices in the wide range can be found in the Cyber company

In order that the fan heater smoothly worked for a long time, it is important to consider some moments:

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