Types of heating systems

Carrying out heating in the house is one of the most important tasks. Certainly, this process does not differ big low cost as it is necessary to acquire the heating equipment in the form of a copper, pipes, batteries and other materials. It is also necessary to consider and work on the flue device. But despite it, the result all the same will be positive as residents will receive heat with a cosiness during cold time. It will not be necessary to worry about failures in heating systems, semi-warm batteries for which it is necessary also monthly to bring quite high payment.

Systems of heating happen different, and can be based on use:

  1. gas;
  2. electricity;
  3. firm fuel;
  4. diesel fuel.

The most widespread heating of the house – on natural gas which is delivered through the general gas highway. Modern gas coppers practically do not need service. They very compact, safe also are easy-to-work.

But, unfortunately, gas supply is not in all settlements. In this case it is necessary to pay attention to alternative types of heating. For example, it is possible to establish an electric copper. It very simple, possesses the control unit and the heat exchanger. Its installation does not provide any difficulties. Besides, it compact, is safe in operation, answers ecological standards of purity, does not demand the equipment additional system for smoke assignment. It is possible to establish such copper in any premises. It is popular both in the regional centers, and in the large cities of the country, such as Moscow, Petersburg.

As one more option of heating the coppers working at firm fuel (coal or firewood) act. More often they are used at dachas and where there is no possibility to connect gas or electric equipment. Prices for such fuel small. Modern solid propellant coppers possess rather high efficiency, level of safety and are completely automated. Such heating demands arrangement of a difficult flue. It is also necessary to watch timely supply of fuel constantly. There are certainly special coppers which are equipped with system of automatic supply of fuel, but пеллеты (special fuel for such coppers) very expensive.

As the last option liquid-fuel coppers on a diesel engine act. Them call universal as it is possible to transfer to gas. For this purpose it is enough to replace only one torch. But such system of heating differs high cost, both in the device, and in service. It is necessary to equip a special tight tank, топливопровод, to have tanks for fuel storage. In operation it is necessary to observe security measures accurately. Besides, it not absolutely harmless type of heating.

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