Universal boiler installations: warmly in each house

Modern block and modular boiler installations are the functional complexes, allowing to bring water heating and heat in each house. For our country where cold weather extends for some seasons in a year, use of the boiler equipment, gas torches and other devices especially actually.

Universal boiler installations: warmly in each house

Today the boiler equipment is widely applicable in northern areas with their long frosts. Modern «the intellectual equipment» allows to increase quality of life of people on an order. Thanks to its application by the Russian engineers when making pipelines even in the remote corners of Siberia it was possible to adjust a comfortable life, to provide uninterrupted water heating and heat giving in houses of our compatriots.

Nominal productivity of block and modular boiler installations covers a wide range from 250 kW to 15 MWt. As in the different cities of our country of requirement of water heating differ, today individual designing БМВКУ widely practises. Boxes can be equipped with boiler automatic equipment according to needs of the customer. So, the project on building of block boiler installation can vary a set of the capital and additional equipment for giving and water heating. And the most important – block and modular boiler installations can be allocated with the capacity declared by the customer.

Today БМВКУ are the completely factory products which are let out according to the Russian standards of the boiler equipment. They are delivered to an installation site by transport blocks and are mounted on any open areas. On termination of installation of all details block boiler installations represent a small room with a complex of the main and auxiliary equipment.

The main knots of block and modular boiler installation are:

  • Uniform metal boxing.
  • Water-heating coppers.
  • Water preparation systems.
  • Pump knot where the professional equipment for boiler automatic equipment (pumps from the Italian corporation Lowara and other checked producers functions).
  • Ventilating system.
  • Internal gas pipelines.
  • Systems of automation of work of block boiler installation and instrumentations for accuracy of water preparation and heating.
  • Internal electric equipment.
  • Own system of heating of the boxing, allowing to apply block and modular boiler installations in any climatic conditions.
  • Chimney.
  • In coordination with the customer block boiler installations can include a bathroom, a shower and other auxiliary household rooms for bigger convenience of operators.

Today the Russian manufacturing plants achieved powerful successes in manufacturing of the boiler equipment for water preparation. Modern БМВКУ are the functional units working with high precision. In the territory of our country this equipment keeps comfort of an everyday life of Russians which it is especially important to provide in an autumn and winter season at high level.

Universal boiler installations: warmly in each house

Among essential advantages of this reliable boiler equipment:

  • Safety of work. Boiler automatic equipment is completely protected from internal and external damages, in boxing fire cases are mounted.
  • Ample opportunities of functioning of equipment without continuous presence of the service personnel. High level of automation allows «clever devices» to work in the set modes without continuous control of the operator. Boiler automatic equipment immediately reacts to force-majeur circumstances shutdown and equipment protection.
  • Completely automated accounting of a consumption of natural gas, and also it is warm, water and an electricity consumed by the most boiler. Function simplifies the reporting and provides a clear picture of economic benefits of application of installation.
  • The maximum possibilities of work of block boiler installation in severe climatic conditions. Protection of the main knots and the additional equipment guarantees serviceable service БМВКУ under any weather conditions. This indisputable advantage of block boiler installations is already estimated by administration of northern areas of our country.

Unlimited geography thanks to several available options of universal transportation of the equipment from manufacturing plant in any point of the country. Today all modules of the unit are transported in a place of operation by railway platforms or a low trawl.

Additional options from the Russian manufacturers:

  • design taking into account requirements of the customer, a capacity variation depending on needs of inhabitants of settlements;
  • б) calculation of logistics and help in transportation БМВКУ;
  • в) help in installation of a metal construction of boxing and boiler automatic equipment;
  • г) the organization of adjustment works and installation input in operation.

That argument that БМВКУ – universally accepted boiler equipment which has been officially approved in our country is important also. Its start does not demand long «an obivaniye of thresholds» city and regional administrations. The system of coordination of connection of installation is extremely simple. As a rule, customers get universal БМВКУ, not demanding development of the separate project. Everything that it is required to develop is an elementary project of a supply to the block of external communications. Thus, block and modular boiler installations are established and started in extremely short term.

Along with such equipment as gas torches, БМВКУ were widely adopted in northern areas of our country. Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo – bright examples of intensive application of these installations for improvement of living conditions in houses of Russians. This powerful equipment helps to work productively and is high-grade to have a rest, and in any weather to limit to nothing an active way of life.

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