Universal decision

Universal decisionUse of power effective automatic equipment in heat supply systems already became in Russia a standard de facto as it directly demand Construction Norms and Regulations 41-01-2003 «Heating, ventilation and conditioning». Thus on installation and operation of the thermal knots made directly on objects, it is possible to minimize amount of works if to use modular decisions – block thermal points (BTP) of factory assembly.

BTP and the thermal point collected from components is functional, anything from each other do not differ and even can have the identical schematic diagram. However from the point of view of installation and operation is the absolutely different equipment.

For example, in BTP much less welded connections at the expense of use of the elements made on trubogibochny machines. In "field" conditions of it not to make, so, and potential possibility of failure will be higher and the opressovka is more difficult for carrying out. Besides, BTP represents a design collected on a frame industrially that guarantees rigidity and reliability of fastening of all its elements.

BTP configuration has huge value also, after all at its design is developed not only the schematic diagram, but also the spatial model considering technical characteristics and working parameters of separate knots. All this essentially increases fault tolerance of the equipment and facilitates its operation. In practice of operation there are examples when thermal points of factory assembly work for years even without routine inspection. Hardly it will be possible to maintain in the same mode the thermal knot collected from separate elements.

Has basic value and one more property of block heatpoints of factory assembly: modular configuration allows to optimize as much as possible occupied by them spatial volume and the assembly space. «Some cellars are so close what to carry out there large-scale installation and commissioning it is impossible in principle, and here to establish and connect compact BTP – quite really, and without special problems», – Igor Spiridonov, the director of representation in Yekaterinburg tells the Danfoss companies, leading global manufacturer of the energy saving equipment.

Also the expert explains that use of BTP allows to cut for 50-60 % expenses on design, to 60 % – on installation, at the expense of reduction of time for installation and connection, and also numbers of the involved workers. Important and that highly skilled experts in this case are not required. Sometimes – for example, at installation on remote objects in the conditions of Far North, etc. – to find them happens very not easy.

If to speak about manufacturing of a large number of the same thermal points, here to prepare the project it is necessary all once, and production of the equipment industrially will take no more than 1-1,5 months that is essential less, than at its site erection. All this is especially important, so far as concerns implementation of the large-scale projects covering a large number of similar objects: for example, standard buildings. So, in 2012 16 BTP Danfoss for the new residential district "Academic" in Yekaterinburg which building within the program of complex development of the territory (CAT) is carried out by RENOVA-Stroygrup group of companies, the leader of the Russian construction branch were put. It is remarkable that this order preceded the pilot project realized in 2011 during which the residential district for the first buildings 4 BTP Danfoss were put. The following party of thermal points will arrive on the main building of Yekaterinburg in 2013.

Certainly, it is important to builders and designers to understand, whether the economy on design and installation is capable to cover a difference in cost between BTP and the thermal points collected on a place. According to Igor Spiridonov («Данфосс»), here it is necessary to consider and such factor as depreciation of life cycle (LCC), after all it, as a rule, and is defining at a choice of the engineering equipment. The customer of BTP receives the certificated, passed repeated tests in the Russian conditions, the opressovanny equipment at the stationary stand of factory readiness which will serve more long and will demand much more modest operational costs. Besides, he receives a guarantee on all equipment from one producer, and also the qualified service.

Universal decisionAt last, for BTP installation essentially smaller area is necessary. For example, it became one of the reasons use of block heatpoint at temple construction «the Big Silver-tongued orator», the Urals recreated today in the capital. As the investor of this project the largest Ural metallurgical holding UMMC acted. «Our offer arranged both the investor, and the general contractor. Not a secret that in similar buildings basements are extremely limited on the space therefore to place there assembly thermal point would be problematic», – Igor Spiridonov adds.

At last, it is necessary to add that on big capacities (from 20 MWt and more) reduction of expenses on installation when using BTP becomes so essential that does this decision more favorable even if to consider only a factor cost. First of all it can be interesting to designers of TsTP, mini-combined heat and power plant, etc.

Installation of block heatpoint is simple – it needs to be brought in a room and to put. As at design overall dimensions of rooms and assembly apertures are considered, with it there are no problems. Besides, technological possibility of division of BTP on some components depending on the detailed design on its configuration or the space-planning solution of a building is provided.

«All installation is reduced attaching a frame to a floor and to attach to pipelines of a thermal network and existing system of a heat supply, having tightened some bolts on flanges. This work does not need any special qualification therefore the worker of low qualification will consult with it even. At BTP even the board of automatic equipment is already mounted on the general frame, it is necessary to submit only a food», – Igor Spiridonov explains.

As a rule, leading producers of BTP have a wide nomenclature number of basic platforms with various topology on the basis of which any technical solution according to the project of the customer can be executed.

For example, the block Danfoss heatpoints have rated power from 100 to 10 000 Mkal / hour. In need of their structure any additional equipment can be integrated: heat meters, frequency converters (for example, if this equipment of TsTP), broad tanks for GVS system, etc. There are updatings both for independent, and for dependent schemes of a heat supply (AUU without the heat exchanger), one – two – and three-planimetric.

«We quite often should carry out non-standard orders. For example, not so long ago put 24 small thermal points (MTP) in business center «Gallery of boutiques» on Radishchev Street in Yekaterinburg. A distinctive feature of this object – a street retail concept. Boutiques and the salons, which area makes from 120 to 400 sq.m, have separate entrances and a panoramic vitrinny glazing. Each established MTP was equipped with pogodozavisimy regulation and balancing that will allow tenants and owners independently to create comfort and to use the last power effective decisions», – the director of the Ural branch "Danfoss" tells.

However, according to the expert, is and really standardized options, in particular, the companies developed by experts together with leading design institutes МНИИТЭП and Moszhilniiproyekt standard decisions for many series of the block houses erected in the USSR and Russia in different years. Use of these decisions allows the customer to pass in general a design stage, i.e. to save on it. It is possible to tell that in a case with serial Russian high-rise buildings this advantage of BTP actually defines a choice.

One more direction where the similar scheme is realized, are objects of social infrastructure, for example, kindergartens and schools which also are often erected according to standard projects. So, recently modernization of heating systems of six kindergartens, two schools and the house of children’s creativity in the October district of Yekaterinburg was in this way made. As a result there was a possibility to lower consumption of thermal energy by these objects on a third.

There came an era of modular decisions. One and a half-two decades ago in Russia it was not made the equipment similar to thermal points, it was possible therefore to bring together him only by own efforts. Exactly since then this tradition that does not testify at all to higher economic appeal of similar decisions also went. But today, when demand for thermal points became mass, manual assembly lost an urgency: the technology takes the.

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