Survey and care of gas flowing water heaters

Survey and care of gas flowing water heaters
Gas flowing water heater
Oasis OR-24W

The situation when in the apartment disconnect hot water supply or when you have a private house and water is familiar to much there is only a cold. And still there are dachas, country cottages where the pressure of water can be extremely insignificant. From all this there is a universal rescue – a gas flowing water heater. I treat the first group of people, i.e. the room resident who is annually testing for one reason or another lack of hot water. After the next fortnight idle time I decided to take a gas water heater. Having received the coordinated project and competently executed leading of a gas pipeline to a column installation site, I chose suitable for my needs on capacity the white Oasis OR-24W which installation was made by skilled experts. The geyser – the device it seems simple, but, as well as any equipment, demands to itself leaving. Having collected all recommendations and personal experience of use of a geyser, decided to share the knowledge.

So, for ensuring long and no-failure operation of a geyser and preservation of performance data it is necessary to carry out regularly its survey and to carry out due leaving. After all we deal with inflammable gas therefore for providing a pozharobezopasnost it is necessary to watch closely purity of torches, not to allow a smoking flame when burning gas which conducts to soot adjournment on the heat exchanger.

Never should smell as gas! At detection of its smell right there address in service of a gas economy. Do not put in one room with a column inflammable subjects. After turning on of the device periodically check a flame on a torch through an observation port: the flame should be blue and not have the yellow smoking "languages" indicating a contamination of a collector and internal channels of sections of torches. Because of a contamination of internal channels of sections of a torch the insufficient amount of the air necessary for normal operation of the device that leads to incomplete combustion of gas which can lead to poisoning with an oxide of carbon and an osazhivaniye on a surface of the heat exchanger and on lateral surfaces of the chamber of combustion of soot which is formed at incomplete combustion of gas arrives. Availability of soot many times over worsens operation of the device.

Do not regulate temperature on the mixer by a podmeshivaniye of cold water. It leads to an overheat of the heat exchanger and the fastest failure of all water heater.

At once I will tell that all operations on the care of the device need to be carried out only after its blackout. The device should be kept clean for what it is necessary to delete regularly a dust from the top surface of the device, and also to wipe facing at first damp, and then a dry rag. In case of strong pollution, at first wipe facing by the wet rag moistened with neutral detergent, and then a dry rag. Do not apply detergents of the strengthened action and containing abrasive particles, gasoline or others.

Can happen so that you will not use a gas water heater long time, for example, if go to holiday or the device is at a dacha, and the summer season came to an end. In such cases in a cold season in the device water freezing is possible. Consequences of freezing are irreversible and involve replacement of expensive knots of a column. Insistent council: at installation of dymokhodny system establish the return valve and at long idle time merge from a column water. Plums of water becomes as follows:

  • close the locking gas crane and the locking crane of water in front of the device;
  • open the crane of hot water;
  • turn out a drain stopper;
  • merge all water;
  • wrap a stopper against the stop and close the crane of hot water.

As do not forget about batteries and their timely replacement. A sign of the batteries which have served the term is weak or at all absent spark category when opening the crane of hot water. For replacement of batteries open a batareyny compartment and establish new batteries, observing polarity. New batteries in the sum it is desirable should to give out 3,15 Century.

I hope, my councils will help you with safe use and the correct care of a gas flowing water heater.

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