The good flue – will save your money

The good flue – will save your money

Each owner building the private house, the owner erecting production or office building, first of all, reflects to use what construction materials to receive a ratio the price – quality.

The same treats and the equipment making heat. Reliability of the heating equipment, one of the main criteria at its choice.

But also the simple Russian furnace can be reliable. It would seem, heat and rejoice. And in practice dirt, a soot, continuous control over burning process.

Certainly it is all in the past, and furnaces is rather an exotic, than reality though in some places they still exist.

You sometime heated the furnace after a small break? If yes, that know that the furnace and its flue yet did not get warm, it not to be flooded.

Too most occurs and to coppers which work and with brick flues, and with the steel.

And why?

The copper before starting to work at full capacity, should warm up a flue, air in it that draft turned out.

Draft is a razryazheniye of air in the chimney channel thanks to which there is a process of an exchange of the hot gases leaving in the atmosphere, and the cold air arriving in the furnace or a copper. At most drafts overall performance of the furnace, a copper directly depends.

And as warm gases it is easier some cold air, first of all force of draft depends on a difference of temperatures of hot and cold air.

But it does not mean that the hot air in a pipe, the better. Excessive draft, brings to bigger, than it is necessary for fuel burning.

In the furnace, in a solid propellant copper, such can quite be.

Copper, being warmed up, gives heat to the heat-carrier, and warms up a chimney. And the less it will give heat to a chimney, the more energy will leave on heat-carrier heating, for example to water in heating pipes.

And from this follows, that how correct flue in a boiler room, depends quantity of expenses for room heating.

The good flue – will save your money

It is possible to call what flue correct?

  1. At a flue the section which experts can execute only should be picked correctly up. If the branch pipe of your copper in diameter 150, not necessarily all flue is such section. And from correctly picked up section, draft depends, and how many you pay that of money for fuel in unit of time.
  2. The material of which the flue is made, for example steel, should be acidproof, that is not be corroded by condensate which in it it will be obligatory.
  3. Isolation on which the temperature in a pipe depends, so and draft, should be dense, necessary thickness, not be showered over time. Besides, the temperature of an external pipe, so and a pozharobezopasnost depends on it. It concerns, of course, only the warmed flues.
  4. Guarantee, not less than 10 years. And service life of correctly designed flue makes not less than 30 years.
  5. And certainly appearance. It is much more pleasant to observe on a wall of the house or the office a beautiful, brilliant flue, than bare, burned through or destroyed by condensate.

And now we will talk about money.

People like to save, it normally and is peculiar to human nature.

Do not save, as it is known on health, safety and on children.

Health and safety.

Not the correct flue can create a fire-dangerous situation, soot can ignite, there can be a draft capsizing, that is smoke gases can filter into a boiler room room, and then and in premises.


The surface not can on be hotter than the correct flue so much that your children having touched, can burn, after all children are very curious. Smoke gases which can get to a room, are dangerous, first of all, to small fellow citizens, they are least protected, than adults, owing to age and development.

And who is ready to save on it?

The good flue – will save your money

Besides, disregarding above listed passions, it is possible to tell that having saved on a flue, you can receive superfluous expenses on:

  1. The bad flue is slowly warmed up, and consequently for a warming up is spent in addition to 30 % of fuel. Consider. Let’s say at your place the copper of 44,5 kW is established. A consumption of gas at such copper, about 5,2 cubic meters per hour. We multiply at 24 o’clock (per day), we receive 124,8 cubic meters, we multiply for 365 days in a year, we receive 45 552 cubic meters. If your house is well warmed, the copper in an automatic mode spends about 1/3 volumes. At the price of 1,99 rub for a cube, the sum will make 30 216 rub. The quite good sum, and present that it will increase by 30 %. More than 9 000 rub an overpayment will turn out every year. And at big capacities this sum of losses will be even more.
  2. The bad flue, from poor-quality steel, collapses over time, under the influence of temperature, condensate, and in some years there will be costs of its dismantle, purchase new and new installation. Consider. The price of installation of a flue, makes about 30 % from its cost. The price for flues of different producers, certainly differs. If we will allow you bought a flue, approximately for 40 000руб, taking into account installation there will be 70 000 rub. When pay 2 times for one and a touch work two times, remember my reasonings.

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