Boiler equipment

Today the market of the boiler equipment offers rather wide range of steam and water-heating coppers, and also coppers working with high-temperature organic heat-carriers. All well imagine for what coppers are intended but to receive more detailed idea of principles of work of coppers and where they are applied, it is necessary to consider each look separately.

To destination coppers distinguish on steam, water-heating, and coppers for heating of thermal oils (thermooil coppers).

Boiler equipmentSteam coppers are used for production of steam of the set pressure for the purpose of its further use in technological processes. As a rule, coppers of this kind are used in the food industry, for example for pasteurization of milk, a defrosting of meat hulks, sterilization of bottles etc. Besides direct application of steam, it can be used as the heat-carrier for technological lines. Also, it is possible to receive at the same time steam and a part of energy to spend for heating of water.

On the design steam coppers subdivide on water trumpet and zharotrubny. Work of water trumpet coppers is carried out as follows – water, representing itself as the heat-carrier, proceeds on pipes which are exposed to heating therefore steam is formed. In a case with zharotrubny coppers all with accuracy on the contrary. Here already the heat-carrier (water) washes pipes in which movement of hot gases is carried out.

Boiler equipmentWater-heating coppers serve for production of hot water, for use in systems of heating of ZhKO, in technological processes, in agriculture and other objects where there is a need for hot water supply. As today natural gas is one of the cheapest types of fuel, operation of water-heating coppers on gas, much more favourably, than on the electric power. On the design happen both water trumpet, and zharotrubny. Divide pig-iron and steel water-heating coppers. Advantage of pig-iron coppers that they are less subject to corrosion owing to what have bigger service life. Use of a cheap material – cast iron, considerably reduces cost котлоагрегата. From minuses it is possible to note weight, in comparison with steel it is heavier in 2-3 times, tendency to pollution and danger of explosion. In turn, steel coppers it is much easier, have smaller restrictions on temperature and pressure. Repair and service such котлоагрегатов is considerably simplified in comparison with the pig-iron.

Boiler equipmentThermooil coppers found the application in chemical, construction, food and in many other industries where uniform process of heating of working surfaces is required. For example, drying installations, pressing, heating of galvanic baths, fuel oil warming up etc.

Instead of water or steam in termomaslyanny coppers as the heat-carrier use diatermichesky oil. All motion cycle of the heat-carrier is compulsory by means of circulating pumps. Oil allows to receive high temperature at low pressure and as to use some contours of heating with different temperatures for different consumers when using one copper. The big temperature range opens a wide range of application of termomaslyanny boiler rooms. Depending on necessary temperatures, use both mineral, and synthetic oils. Use of synthetic oils allows to reach heating temperatures to 350°С, and in certain cases even 400°С. Use of thermal oils as the heat-carrier, releases the consumer from such widespread problems as, danger of explosion as a result of a high pressure in system, water preparations, condensate and corrosion.

By the form fuels burned in the boiler equipment, subdivide into the gas, liquid-fuel, combined and solid propellant coppers.

Gas coppers serve for burning of natural gas, have complete combustion of fuel and small emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere, they are less subject to corrosion from a furnace surface. For safety gas coppers are equipped with protective automatic equipment and mechanical safety valves.

Liquid-fuel coppers on the technical characteristics are similar with gas, distinction only in burned fuel, their use is expedient at lack of available natural gas. Such boiler rooms are equipped with the warmed-up capacity for storage of burned fuel. As fuel use fuel oil and DT. Such coppers have high efficiency, are quite economic and have long service life.

Solid propellant coppers are applied at use possibility as fuel – a wood waste (щепа, пеллеты), coke, peat. Demand for such coppers is caused by their autonomy and low cost. It is possible to refer impossibility of full automation to shortcomings, because of need for periodic loading of raw materials.

The combined coppers can work at the 2nd types of fuel. As a rule, it is gas and fuel oil or DT. Such coppers are usually used at the enterprises where it is impossible to stop quickly a production cycle in view of an exit in this case the equipment out of operation.

Now production high-quality котлоагрегатов, already ready to connection from the moment of delivery, carries out a limited number of the European producers the leader among which costs the Babcock Wanson company, with century experience of a boiler building. Specialists of the Russian representative office will help you to pick up correctly a copper for any application, and the wide range, unsurpassed workmanship and the acceptable prices will allow to satisfy the most exacting customer.

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