How to calculate quantity and capacity of radiators of heating

For heating of apartments we choose different types of devices. Someone chooses the pig-iron radiators checked by time, and someone prefers modern advanced models. The right choice of this or that radiator directly depends on parameters of heating systems and features of your room. However it is necessary to tell that not always the warm comfortable microclimate depends on only type or quality of a radiator; it is necessary to calculate also correctly capacity and number of heating devices.

How to calculate quantity and capacity of radiators of heating

There are some main criteria by which it is necessary to be guided at calculation of quantity and capacity of radiators of heating:

  • - room area;
  • - floor (if it not private structure);
  • - height of ceilings;
  • - existence of other heating devices.

Competent calculation of heatreturn will allow to establish the most comfortable temperature in the apartment.

Calculation is made according to the regulations established in Construction Norms and Regulations, for each type of a radiator equally. To address to experts it is not meaningful, as the settlement formula is rather simple and calculations can be carried out independently.

Settle an invoice for each room separately, instead of completely for all apartment – so you can consider features of heating systems. For example, if you have an angular room with big windows, it is necessary to increase heatreturn capacity and if double-glazed windows are indoors established, heatlosses decrease and it is possible to save on quantity of sections of a radiator. The capacity of sections is specified in device technical data sheet.

Let’s consider three ways of calculation:

1. Standard

At standard calculation the formula specified in Construction Norms and Regulations is used. According to it, for high-grade heating of 1 sq.m of a room with standard – 2,7 m – height of ceilings are necessary 100 W.

Now, as in school tasks in mathematics, let’s designate a letter K – quantity of sections of a radiator, S – the area of a room, P – section capacity. We receive a formula of calculations: K= Skh100/P.

For an example, we will settle an invoice the area of 14 sq.m, at standard height of ceilings of 2,7 m Let’s say the capacity of one section of a radiator equals 160 W. To = 14х100/160 = 8,75 sections. We approximate the received value in the big party and it turns out that we need a radiator from 9 sections.

Calculation with ceilings more than 3 meters is made for rooms on a formula in which value of height of the ceiling overlapping, designated H is added. The formula so looks: To = Skhhkh40/P. At the same indicators of S and P, as in last example, To pays off so: To = 14х3х40/160 = 10,5. We approximate the received value in the big party and it turns out that we need a radiator from 11 sections.

2. Approximate

Such calculation can be carried out, proceeding from technical characteristics of the device of heating where it is said that one section is capable to warm 1,8 sq.m of a room with standard height of ceilings. In this case the formula will look so: To = S/1,8.

For an example we will take the same area of a room – 14 sq.m. Calculation will look so: To = 14/1,8 = 7,8, that is this room needs a radiator from 8 sections.

3. For non-standard type of a room

So-called volume calculation of a room is applied. The capacity is necessary for heating of 1 CBM in 41 W (in the European part of Russia this numerical factor is applied).

In our formula the volume of a heated room designated V is added. How it to find out? The height multiplied by length and width of a room, gives value of volume of a room in cubic meters. Let’s calculate an example for a room with height of ceilings of 3 m, length of 5 m and width of 4 m of V = 3х5х4 = 60 CBM. The received value we use in further calculations, and the formula will look in this case as To = Vkh41/P.

As well as in the first case, we will accept that the capacity of one section equals 160 W: To = 60х41/160 = 15,4 sections. Thus we need a radiator consisting of 16 sections.

Using these simple formulas, you can easily calculate necessary quantity of sections of a radiator for optimum heating of this or that room.

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