Questions of the organization of system of heating and hot water supply

Today the questions connected with carrying out engineering communications, excite not only owners of country houses in territories where there is no possibility to be connected to stationary system, but also some inhabitants of high-rise buildings. Such development of a situation is promoted by two factors. On the one hand, a ratio of quality and cost of utilities not always favourably to users, and with another – modern independent systems of heating and heating of water promptly develop, offering consumers a wide row simple in use, convenient and effective decisions. Preparation of the individualized offers calculated not only on providing with heat and hot water of cottages, but also average and economy class housing became one more feature of such equipment from leading many producers.

Protherm – the producer of the modern heating equipment

One of such manufacturers who are enjoying wide popularity in Russia, the brand of Protherm offering all set of the equipment, heating necessary for the organization or a hot water service is. The width of a model range of products, existence in it of temperature regulators, systems of compulsory branch of products of burning and other additional systems, does a brand extremely popular. Such approach of the producer allows to offer the consumer a complete set of necessary decisions that not only simplifies selection, but also does engineering communications more reliable and durable.

If to speak about the main lines of Protherm, they include gas, solid propellant and electric coppers, the systems working at diesel fuel, and also a number of boilers of indirect heating. Thus the product range includes both floor, and wall solutions of various capacity that does their use even more convenient.

All offers of the company are divided into some series: "Slope", "Grizzly" and others, depending on a principle of action and other technical parameters. In rulers of the producer there are models with the open chamber the combustion intended for use with flues, and the decisions the closed chamber which are not demanding such branch of products.

Important advantage of production to win to it popularity not only in houses with specially taken away room for a boiler room, but also in small apartments the attractive design of coppers and boilers became allowed. Many models have the increased protection against moisture that allows to establish them in bathrooms. Also enough low there is a level noise in operating time. Production of the company corresponds to requirements of the European Union and during too time shows high level of adaptation to domestic conditions. So, many gas models can smoothly work even in the conditions of small pressure.

Summing up the review, it is possible to note that production of a Slovak brand of Protherm thanks to a wide model range, high quality and the moderate price is one of optimum decisions for arrangement of system of heating and hot water supply in houses and apartments of various classes.

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