The reputation of the company — is invaluable

When speech about merits and demerits of the engineering equipment comes, usually consider its technical characteristics. However if during operation nevertheless there are any problems (and the reasons here can be the most different including not depending on nominal parameters of the equipment), during this moment for the customer it is most important not to remain with them in private. The understanding then comes that the real quality is impossible without well organized service support. Unfortunately, often it occurs too late. With a question of how to avoid annoying disappointments in use engineering systems, we addressed to Ruslan Pimenov, the head of department of service of division of thermal automatic equipment of the Danfoss company, leading global manufacturer of the energy saving equipment.

If you asked to open in a few words in what high-quality service support consists, as though you answered?

Professionalism and timeliness. We work at the market of life support systems — warm and a holodosnabzheniye, water supply, ventilation and conditioning, power supply, etc. Any failure in work of similar systems can have very serious consequences and threaten not only to comfort, but also safety of people. Therefore here it is important as the fact of rendering of the qualified service support, and its timeliness. For example, if in a winter frost the heating system in an apartment house ceased to function, to find a cause of accident and to eliminate it it is necessary before when walls will start to freeze through, and pipelines to burst. Especially in case the object is located, for example, in any remote settlement on Far North where because of hard winter frosts between failure and the beginning of irreversible consequences there are few hours.

Can give any example from own practice?

One of conditions of the tender for supply of equipment for objects of the Sochi Olympic Games-2014 is restoration of operability of engineering systems within 6 hours in case of failure. We give such guarantees.

How it is possible to you, are ready to impart experience?

No secret here is present — it is necessary to simplify procedures and it is good to think over logistics. For example, our clients can fill the WEB FORM of the demand for service directly on a company site. The form very simple that allows to accelerate process of its filling: it is necessary to specify serial number of the equipment, consignment note number, briefly to describe a problem. Clients also can call in the contact center Danfoss. In this case the form is filled with the employee of the contact center according to the customer. Regulations one irrespective of, there is a speech about warranty or post-warranty service.

Then we send the demand to the service partner next to the place of accident who immediately sends the experts on object, they analyze a situation on a place and directly from there, using the laptop and mobile communication, fill and send us the claim in which necessary spare parts or the budget on works are requested. On consideration of these demands and the answer at specialists of service department no more than 15-20 minutes then repairmen can start failure elimination leave, as a rule.

And how the spare parts requested in the claim?

Service partners already have them in repair fund in special warehouses, and, leaving on object, engineers take with themselves ремкомплект. Having decided on a place on specific need for spare parts or the equipment, they simply request "good" on their use. It excludes any delays in spare parts and repair.

Whether the client in service can be refused?

We help even when the equipment failed because of the client or any force-majeur circumstances took place. Certainly, if the case not guarantee, service is not free, but we do not refuse service to anybody.

And what cost of departure of experts on the place of accident? After all if it is a question, as you gave an example, about any remote northern settlement, that, considering distances and weather conditions, a call of the engineer it can appear sometimes more expensive than the repair.

If a case guarantee, clients do not pay for departure of service engineers and delivery of the equipment necessary for repair even if repairmen should reach a place by the plane or to go hundreds kilometers on the car. The service policy of the company such is that it assumes all these expenses.

Who defines, a guarantee case or not?

Experts partner service, directly on a place.

You can trust them so? These are your regional dealers?

Not so surely, it can be as the company which sell or mount our equipment, and absolutely others. Here selection principle other: for implementation of technical support of clients we always choose the best from the point of view of technical competence of the company in the region, we train their experts, we book obligatory annual certification and technical audit. Therefore we can really trust partner service.

By the way, how many them? The country big and that in any its point it was possible to react in 6 hours, is necessary to you a serious service network.

We try to build it so that in each region was some partner service as distances and weather conditions can be very different. There is also other reason: we want, that between service companies there was a competition that quality and cost of their services were regulated by the market. At present we have 54 service partners, and in each company 4-5 engineers are engaged in support of our equipment, at least.

And you collect reviews of end users of quality of work of service companies?

Certainly, each user of the equipment should have direct feedback with the producer, passing intermediate links. It can be initiated by the client, and can be carried out during polls which should be seen off on a regular basis.

Post-guarantee service — this always separate and often very sore point. How you solve it?

At us on procedure it differs nothing from the guarantee. Except post-guarantee repair, we offer clients and other types of service. For example, we at own expense carry out шефмонтаж block thermal points, setup of the balancing valves used as a part of engineering systems. It is not included into the list of guarantee certificates which the producer of the equipment is obliged to provide.

Whether you carry out service support of retail buyers, i.e. individuals?

We at all do not divide clients into categories: on physical and legal entities, on the retail and wholesale buyers who have paid for the equipment by cash or non-cash money. There is no difference who exactly filled the demand for service, time of processing of the claim and service cost (if it post-guarantee) differ nothing.

Then the problem of the client that you were engaged in it should be the how serious?

For us it has no value. We process all demands according to the established standards terms – any client does not remain unaided.

Then the problem of the client that you were engaged in it should be the how serious?

For us it has no value. We process all demands according to the established standards terms – any client does not remain unaided.

Well, we will take a hypothetical situation: I bought one radiatorny temperature regulator, and as it seems to me in shop, it incorrectly works for me. I can call not in shop, and to you in department?

Yes, often and occurs. And speech can go not only about separately bought temperature regulator, but also about the heating device with the built-in temperature regulator, i.e. about a finished factory article of other producer which used our detail in his design. Moreover, the equipment can be made and bought at all in Russia.

Whether remote technical consultation enters into the program of service support or it is carried out regardless of the fact that where when and for what sum I bought and whether bought in general?

Any who needs it can receive remote technical consultation. It is necessary to call simply in the contact center and to state the problem or a question.

Whether it is possible to estimate economic advantages which the potential buyer will receive, having chosen, probably, more expensive equipment, but with expanded service support?

Certainly, and each interested person can the extent of these advantages independently calculate. Let’s say if you stopped circulation in system of heating of a house and the problem was not solved in due time, you should settle people, to do major maintenance and to change pipes which burst. It, at least, not including compensations of the damage suffered by residents. Here also consider, in what bad service can manage.

I will give a concrete example. During New Year’s holidays at the beginning of 2012 in one of apartment houses in Yakutsk pumps of thermal point failed. Partner service sent a brigade into place on holidays, and failure was operatively liquidated. If it did not occur, there would be just all about what I just spoke — it should to settle residents of the house as on the street was – 40°C.

The stereotype is still actual for the Russian business that postselling service is similar to a ballast of which it is impossible to get rid absolutely, but it is necessary to facilitate as much as possible. How at Danfoss estimate investments into service support?

It is our reputation, and it for us is invaluable.

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