Pluses of cordial relations

It is known that the warmer walls, the are lower expenses on heating. However even the most advanced stroiyotelny technologies will not provide absolute comfort — without system of heating not to manage. Therefore, having appeared on a choice threshold — types, ways, options of heating or the heating company which will assume the solution of this engineering question in a complex — it is important not to be mistaken.

Business really serious, after all badly executed work inevitably will cause problems with system operation, frequent breakages of the equipment, discomfort in the house and other a little pleasant consequences. What it is necessary to know, choosing the company which will be engaged in design, delivery and installation of equipment, and also service?

With a professional approach Pluses of cordial relations

Today the market of heating services is created and, in particular, in Petersburg, is presented by nearly twenty large companies which offer the solution of questions of heating of a country cottage. To distinguish serious firm not so difficult. Length of service, good office, a portfolio of the executed objects, and the main thing, the list of services which are offered without involvement of extraneous experts — all this speaks well for the company. It is considered that the firm should work in the market at least three years and get office in which it is possible not only to sign the contract, but also in detail to familiarize with the exhibition equipment. Professionally made site — one more sign of thoroughness of the company. Besides, existence in an asset of firm of a set of objects should not be the unfounded declaration: the customer has always the right to be curious and personally to be convinced how there is a work on this or that project. And certainly, he should see a professional approach.

Algorithm in operation

How passes communication with the professionals, what obligatory stages of creation of heating system should be stipulated and that should give particular attention, ordering the project?

At the appeal to the serious company you by all means will ask to present planning of the house and to answer a set of questions: where the house is located and of what materials is constructed, how plan to heat it and what fuel consider as the main and reserve? By all means will take an interest, what electric capacity is allocated for the house, whether gas, how many is brought and what points of water supply and plum in the sewerage is planned, whether there will be a pool and ventilation, whether there are on a site other constructions needing heating. And if the customer yet did not decide on way of heating ("heat-insulated floor", the radiators, the combined option, etc.) and furthermore with quantity of shower cabins, toilet bowls, sinks and refrigerators with a ldogenerator, it will surely consult and will tell about advantages of different engineering communications. It is thus important, that in the company to you did not impose these or those goods, a brand or service, and drew an overall picture, having explained that give possible configurations of the equipment and what their differences.

Pluses of cordial relations

After preliminary conversation with the customer the specialist of the company leaves on object, does measurements, attentively studies the house, its design, offers suitable schemes of laying of pipes, plans installation sites of radiators, santekhpribor, an arrangement of a boiler room and many other things. Then with the client all details of future independent boiler room, systems of heating, water supply, the sewerage etc. again blab out.

By results of conversation the company develops the project of system of the heating, including thermal calculation, selection and the scheme of arrangement of the equipment, laying of pipelines with the indication of the exact sizes. On the basis of design documents the customer can understand, as where will be mounted and as the heating system will look. Besides, the project allows to define the financial expenses necessary for purchase of materials and the equipment. By the way, often they appear below the initial approximate sum. And in many serious companies at the order of system of heating the project is carried out free of charge.

After coordination of the project the contract in which the exact sum, the equipment, amount of works, dates of performance and guarantee certificates is specified is signed. From this point all contingencies lay down on shoulders of the assembly organization. An exception — if the customer during works stated new wishes.

Beautiful work

The company valuing the reputation, buys the equipment, delivers it on object and carries out installation with observance of all construction norms precisely in the terms declared in the contract. Upon termination of works the object completely is given to the customer with signing of acts of delivery and providing all documentation on the equipment and guarantees. Thus, at least within a year the contractor bears full responsibility for equipment and system work as a whole. After a warranty period the customer can sign with the company the contract on maintenance of system or разово to invite the specialist of firm if necessary. That is characteristic, the large and serious company regardless of existence of the contract of service helps the clients with any situations and immediately.

Nuances of structure Pluses of cordial relations

Unfortunately, today there are a lot of firms (is more exact, brigades of assemblers), offering services in quite low prices. In the absence of expenses on office, a customer service, doing without competent engineers, design department and other divisions inherent in the large organization, it is possible to lower a stoiyomost of installation works really. The client in this case should prick up the ears: besides that it is not insured from nonprofessional work with use, to put it mildly, not the best materials so it is not necessary to count and on guarantee or service and if there will be problems, it is possible not to find the ends at all. Also frank imposing of a certain type of the equipment is suspicious, absence of the project and works proceeding «from experience and personal belief». Such economy inevitably leads to that the system does not function or functions incorrectly; proceeds, because the preliminary opressovka is not made, pipes are dissolved crookedly, it is a lot of inaccessible connections, etc. Besides similar "firms" like to underestimate the offer price, without including first in cost some equipment and materials to "hook" on the customer, and then expose the additional account.

As a result it is necessary to pay for pseudo-economy not only problems, but also considerable money.

The modern company offering creation of heating systems, represents quite branched out structure. And in spite of the fact that the number of experts in departments depends on scales of firm and volume of carried-out works, for each stage the professional answers.

The first link of "chain" — the manager on work with the client. In its maintaining preliminary discussion of the project, drawing up of offers, granting to the client of all information on the equipment, materials, ways of installation,

automation, and also contract preparation. In serious firm it is obligatory to eat design department (or at least the designer); the engineer (construction superintendent) who directs works on object; professional erection teams; service department which serves object after installation. So if the company consisting of two people, say, «The father and the son» offers you services, it is necessary to reflect.

Any whim … Pluses of cordial relations

The majority of the companies are engaged in classical systems of heating: by the form fuels it is gas coppers, diesel, electric and solid propellant; and as heating — radiatorny and "heat-insulated floors". But a number of the companies is advanced in the market, for example, by thermal pumps or the solar panels using on energy of the earth, water or the sun. These are difficult types of heating and more expensive.

Cost of the standard project of classical heating system of the private house will cost on the average 100 rub for square meter of the heated area. Project preparation in the serious company borrows from one to two weeks — depending on complexity and the extent of object.

As to the installation and equipment prices, disorder quite big. The type of fuel, copper type (wall or floor, combined or one-planimetric), system type (radiators, "heat-insulated floors" or combined), heating automation (the general simple automatic equipment or pogodozavisimy, pokomnatny, week programming) etc. matters. By estimates of experts, approximate cost of an independent boiler room, system of heating, water supply and the sewerage (internal distributing means) for the house of 200 sq.m — 600–700 thousand roubles.

It is necessary to notice that the price depends and on quality of the equipment and a complete set: the more possibilities, the more expensively. After all ideas of comfort at all different. One rather simply feelings of heat which can be supported. And another is to be operated system at distance — today on mobile or on the Internet, and tomorrow who knows, may be, power of thought …

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