We project an ideal microclimate

Summer closeness or winter cold, vsepronikayushchy road dust and suffocating street smog, and also ubiquitous drafts - all these factors negatively influence health of inhabitants of city apartments. How to the citizen to find a breath of fresh air, without leavingRead More

Polipropilenovye of a pipe for heating – advantages, shortcomings, comparison with competitors.

The age of systems of heating in the majority of the cities of the Russian Federation surpasses not one ten years. TsO systems remain a constant headache of housing and communal services. The reason is simple: in Russia traditional, steel pipelines and heatingRead More

How to choose a copper of gas heating?

Choosing a gas copper, it is important to consider the most various factors that purchase as a result worked effectively. Besides, competent selection of the qualitative equipment will allow to get balanced at the price and quality option. Key parameters of gasRead More

Features of national modernization

Historically centralized heating (TsO) in Russia was and remains prevailing system of ensuring comfort in the big and small cities. Now generation of heat occupied about 500 combined heat and power plants and 66 thousand boiler rooms. The extent of networks inRead More

Modulating and step torches

At a torch choice for systems of heating it is necessary to take into consideration capacity of a copper and a type of fuel. In order that the system of heating worked most effectively, it is necessary to make a choice for a torch with the most suitable modeRead More

Kindergarten: heat, is comfortable and … is economical

Zarya newspaperShortage of places in preschool institutions became, perhaps, to one of the most actual social problems of modern Russia. With it are anxious today not only parents of kids, but also local governments, administrations of regions, the Government ofRead More

Main advantages of independent heating system of the apartment

Each owner of the apartment dreams to create appropriate parameters of a microclimate in the dwelling. In all honesty, it should be noted: that quantity of heat which comes to apartments directly from boiler rooms, does not suffice for sufficient heating of theRead More