As the system of heating

works All know that it is warmly necessary to save and it is favorable. But very few people understands how to do it in practice, in a real house. However sooner or later such knowledge will be useful to all owners as they should make the decision on structureRead More

We are heated intelligently

Despite existence in the cities of a central heating, heating of housing is a sore point for the majority of inhabitants of apartment houses. That it is necessary to freeze in inter-season period, on the contrary, to hold window leaves constantly open and actuallyRead More

Barbecue and furnaces fireplaces – features of construction and a design

Fireplaces, furnaces and modern barbecues complexes are in essence intended for various use allocated at combustion of fuel of thermal energy. Fireplaces have for an object heating of a stone hall; furnaces - heating and cooking; a barbecue complexes - cookingRead More

Farm of the XXI century

The agriculture in Russia is traditionally subsidized branch, and nearly 25 years of the Post-Soviet period here did not change anything. So, in 2013 the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation recognized as unsuitable for use ? territories of agriculturalRead More

Warmly, water and steel pipes

With approach of the first frosts in news with an enviable regularity messages on failures on heating systems - then start to appear, there from under the earth hot fountains escape. All this leads to that inhabitants are compelled to be reserved by patience, expectingRead More


installation The problem of installation of the furnace of a kamenka can seem at first sight impracticable, in any case - by own efforts. However on closer examination it appears that anything it is impossible го in it is not present, especially if to considerRead More

We study on the Danish example

During an era of global deficiency of fuel and energy resources strategy of power efficiency is a general vector of economic development of any country, and Russia here not an exception. In this regard special value is gained by the international integration, anRead More

Thermal pumps: instruction on application

Part I. What swings the thermal pump? This term even more often can be heard today, when speech about heating of the individual house comes. However not all house owners understand that represents the thermal pump as it works and why so is called. And the mainRead More

How to calculate quantity and capacity of radiators of heating

For heating of apartments we choose different types of devices. Someone chooses the pig-iron radiators checked by time, and someone prefers modern advanced models. The right choice of this or that radiator directly depends on parameters of heating systems and featuresRead More

Torches: instruction on selection

Types of torches in the modern domestic market the large quantity is presented. It seems, among this variety it is possible to find without effort that option which will arrange according to all characteristics. That the choice was successful, it is necessary toRead More