What will be person of your heating system. What radiator is better: steel, pig-iron or bimetallic?

Heating system – the major making for ensuring heat and comfort in your house. In its organization many owners of apartments and private cottages face a dilemma: to choose the modern steel radiator popular – bimetallic, or to prefer «the Soviet classics» – to pigRead More

Variety of styles of fireplaces

Fireplaces any more one hundred years, by right, are considered as a refined ornament of the house, an excellent source of heat and a cosiness. Elements of an interior of rooms they became already in Renaissance, and to this day have invariable success among fansRead More

The reputation of the company — is invaluable

When speech about merits and demerits of the engineering equipment comes, usually consider its technical characteristics. However if during operation nevertheless there are any problems (and the reasons here can be the most different including not depending onRead More

Classification of gas torches

Among different types of torches gas are the most demanded. It no wonder as advantages of the similar equipment are obvious. It is possible to argue with confidence: it is necessary to buy a gas torch to solve the corresponding problems most effectively and rationallyRead More

Accessories for fireplaces

Several centuries ago fireplaces served as heating system of the house, created a special microclimate, warmed in a cold season. Eventually they started to get beautiful outlines, original lines and stylistic decisions. The person thought of the esthetic partyRead More

There is no prophet in the fatherland of

Prospects of individual heating in Russia What is more effective in the conditions of the city — the centralized or independent heat supply? This question has no definite answer. Opinions are shared not only at branch level, but also the whole states. Merits andRead More

Reconstruction of system of heating of the private house

Any, even the most reliable engineering systems of country houses need over time modernization. As shows experiment, it is frequent during the planning and carrying out repair work house owners commit the same mistakes. Experts told about most widespread of themRead More

Advantages of systems of pokvartirny heating

Today one of the most important criteria of purchase of housing in an apartment house is existence in it pokvartirny heating: according to sociologists, this criterion is on the second place after a house site, advancing such important indicators, as the priceRead More

House house-keeper

Expenses on heating and the maintenance of the private house or cottage can reach several tens of thousands rubles a year. And because of rise in price of energy resources this sum annually grows. Spreading for heat, an electricity and the other benefits of a civilizationRead More

Classification and types of torches

There is no big exaggeration a statement that the torch is the most real heart of any heating system as it provides possibility of achievement of a maximum level of efficiency, uniform combustion of fuel, and also minimization of volume of harmful emissions inRead More