Variety of styles of fireplaces

Fireplaces any more one hundred years, by right, are considered as a refined ornament of the house, an excellent source of heat and a cosiness. Elements of an interior of rooms they became already in Renaissance, and to this day have invariable success among fans of chic. In process of time current fireplaces personified many art styles which ever existed.

Today they serve in houses as a place for a relaxation and the rest, that corner where all family gathers. Choosing for the dwelling a fireplace, it is necessary to understand that it should be entered harmoniously in an interior, the general situation, and also correspond to style. Now it is accepted to distinguish some main styles of this heating equipment:

  • the classical;
  • country;
  • рустик;
  • modernist style;
  • hi-tech.

Classical style of fireplaces

Variety of styles of fireplacesIn spite of the fact that fireplaces gained the wide circulation in classical style in the 19th century, they often are a success and until now. One of the most main advantages of such elements of an interior improbable compatibility with any situation is considered. More often, fireplaces in classical style are chosen for the houses by those people who wish to emphasize the high social status. In this regard, they always can be met in rich cottages, halls or drawing rooms where often receive guests.

As to characteristic features of such heating devices, in their design there are no excesses, and forms differ severity and a certain simplicity which, in turn, and bribes the effektnost. The portal of such fireplaces always has a P-shaped form, as ornaments sculptural elements are often used. The last, in most cases, are connected with antique subject.

If to speak about materials, among them the stone, a tree and metal uses invariable success. The stones most popular, today, are the granite, marble, basalt. If the host wishes to be allocated, having paraded the condition, he, most likely, will choose a fireplace with marble elements.

Fireplaces in country style

Variety of styles of fireplacesCountry style often call rural style. It arose when the person felt aspiration and need to rapprochement with the nature. Today fireplaces in this style are considered the most widespread and popular among fans of live fire and a crash of firewood. Thanks to the features, such heating systems are ideally entered in interior design and the general situation of a country house or a cottage. Nevertheless, very often they can be seen and in city apartments where they look quite harmoniously.

The fireplace purpose in style of a country is not only to decorate the house, but also to create in it a special situation which would help to be released from intense lifestyle and daily vanity.
As a material for manufacturing of such fireplaces the natural porous stone – a tufa, sandstone, a shell rock is used. It natural roughnesses previously process to smooth. Among features of such fireplaces it is possible to allocate existence of a drovyanik and the shelves made of a tree (it is an oak more often). Besides, the portal of such products is carried out in the form of the letter "D".

Fireplaces in rustik style

Variety of styles of fireplacesVery widespread mistake today is equating of rustik style with "country". It is not absolutely correct. For it the same features, as for "country" are really characteristic. Nevertheless, preparation of a material excludes process of smoothing of roughnesses of a shell rock, a tufa or sandstone. Thanks to this nuance, fireplaces look more rough, somewhat, even angular, rough. The portal form also is D-shaped, and users have possibility to enjoy open fire. Such products as much as possible will suit those people who prefer in all naturalness, remoteness from civilization excesses, choosing simplicity.

Fireplaces of these two styles are, as a rule, a little exacting to the general situation of a room. They will ideally be entered both in classical interior design, and in simpler. It is necessary to understand that such products are not recommended to be combined with excesses, characteristic for Baroque styles and hi-tech.

Fireplaces in modernist style style

Variety of styles of fireplacesFireplaces in modernist style style appeared in the 19th century when the person was ready to meet half-way art updating. It would be desirable something new, fresh, a little unpredictable. Artists started to connect improbable things, combined a stone and metal in products, a variety of flowers came to change to a decor. It caused also "pulling" of proportions of fireplaces, there were designs in the form of cases. Often in one fireplace it is possible to make out a combination of materials of the different invoice. It can be simultaneous presence of the polished, porous and chipped elements.

In fireplaces which are representatives of modernist style style, light shades prevail, and simplicity of lines bribes the chic. Today such heating systems are entered in any rooms – country houses and cottages, and also the city apartments which interior design is executed in modern style. However the maximum compatibility can be met only where the interior includes ethnic motives. Fireplaces are better be not to combining "modernist style" with classicism and baroque.

Making such products, experts use different materials – both natural, and artificial. It can be a tree, a stone, glass or metal. The form of a portal can be different. It is often possible to meet P-shaped or D-shaped which are inherent in other styles (classical or рустик, a country). Sometimes, to give to a product of an external effektnost and originality, fireplaces become the asymmetric.

Fireplaces in hi-tech style

Variety of styles of fireplacesThe fireplaces executed in hi-tech style, in difference from the analogs made in other styles, emphasize with the presence at interior design a technological, urban environment. They are a bright combination of modern various materials and technologies, an embodiment of the most improbable and unpredictable forms, a platform for original flight of design thought.

It is considered to be distinctive characteristics of such heating systems the maximum functionality at absolute minimalism. The most widespread materials used for manufacturing of fireplaces in hi-tech style, concrete, metal, glass are. It is often possible to meet and industrial attributes.

To a room in which such fireplace will be located, a number of conditions also is put forward. First of all, it should be the room in similar spirit of minimalism. This nuance grants the right to consider "hi-tech" the most exacting to the style solution of a surrounding situation. Besides, he allows to judge about the volume, how new modern technologies are capable to be reflected in practice of creation of original forms. Designers, in this case, are given unique opportunity to create the courageous works of art answering to spirit of the present.

A variety of styles in which fireplaces today are carried out, allows everyone to pick up that will emphasize features of the concrete dwelling and will give the chance to judge an inner world of the owner of this beauty.

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