Modulating and step torches

Modulating and step torches

At a torch choice for systems of heating it is necessary to take into consideration capacity of a copper and a type of fuel. In order that the system of heating worked most effectively, it is necessary to make a choice for a torch with the most suitable mode of regulation of capacity. Here it is necessary to consider object characteristics for which heating this equipment will be maintained.

Taking into account this criterion the combined, liquid-fuel and gas torches for coppers can be classified on the following categories:

  • For installation of systems of individual heating. Their capacity varies in a range to 500-600kvt. Torches of this type are expedient for using for installation of systems of heating in country houses and any other rooms of the small sizes.
  • For installation of systems of a central heating. Their capacity exceeds 600 kW. They are suitable for installation of systems of heating in buildings of the big area.
  • Industrial torches. Serve for service of special productions. Their capacity is defined by requirements of production.

If there is a question of a choice of a torch for installation of system of individual heating, it is necessary to take into consideration extent of automation of a boiler room. If special demands are not made to this criterion, and the budget is not calculated on purchase of expensive equipment, the one-stage gas torch quite will be suitable for high-grade functioning of a boiler room. For maintenance of temperature of heat-carrier/water in the set range of a torch of this type regularly are connected and disconnected automatically with a certain periodicity.

Also in this situation use of the budgetary two-level torches is expedient. They work in the 2nd modes: the first uses 40 % of capacity of a copper, and the second – 100 %. Switching between them occurs automatically taking into account indicators of controllable parameter.

If there is a purpose to provide high automation of system and to lower an expense of energy resources, the optimum decision is modulating torches. It is also possible to consider option of use of a torch with smooth and two-level regulation. This equipment allows to regulate precisely capacity and to program an operating mode. Modulated torches work continuously, depending on need using copper capacity for 10-100 %.

Depending on used system of modulation the gorelochny equipment of this type can be classified on mechanical, pneumatic and electronic.

Modulated torches differ profitability and allow to reduce an energy carrier expense. The economy is reached at the expense of accuracy of regulation of giving of the energy carrier. Also doubtless advantage of torches of this type is compliance to all ecological parameters.

Smooth and two-level torches are intermediate option between the two-level and modulated gorelochny equipment. Their main feature consists in ensuring smooth adjustment of capacity of a heating copper.

Three-stage torches found application in coppers which work at all types of liquid fuel. They are simple and extremely convenient in use, but can give failure if liquid-fuel torches work at low ambient temperature when diesel fuel gets thick. To eliminate this shortcoming three-stage torches are equipped with special systems of heating which protect from failures in conditions of negative temperatures.

At installation of systems of a central heating it is better to use modulated and smooth and two-level torches. They allow to provide the maximum extent of automation of a boiler room and considerably to lower an expense of energy carriers. Also torches of this type give the chance to use the various specialized equipment.

Modulated torches best of all are suitable for use in the industry. It speaks technological features of production. Productions demand observance of a temperature mode, and even insignificant fluctuations can become a technology cause of infringement. Modulated torches allow to adhere to the temperature schedule in the set range without deviations. If any strict requirements to production are not present, use of torches with smooth and two-level regulation is possible.

As we see to make a right choice it is necessary to take into consideration a set of criteria and nuances. After all the subsequent work of the heating equipment in many respects depends on a torch. Correct work of the gorelochny equipment provides observance of ecological norms and long term of operation of a copper. Not to be mistaken, to address for the help to experts who will help to find the right decision for any situation better.

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