Modern boiler automatic equipment

Today prompt development of technologies with progressing updating of the let-out equipment is observed, there are all new possibilities for economy of various resources and a human factor at the expense of automation of the sphere of production.

The boiler equipment represents one of defining factors which influence conveniences and comfort of people during winter time. Still any 30-40 years ago, this equipment was extremely bulky and had very low efficiency (efficiency). The highest expense of energy carriers was a consequence of it. However during last times not strongly worried about consumed volumes of natural resources therefore practically all equipment of boiler rooms the long time continued to spend unfairly large amount of fuel. On the other hand, the boiler equipment of last times was the extremely inconvenient and a little thought over in management. At that time yet there was no high level of automation of the similar organizations, therefore for providing Modern boiler automatic equipment

Today installations of boiler rooms project in much more economic option. Thus they have everything in the arsenal that is necessary for productive and successful work. Their efficiency can reach about 0,95. It is rather high indicator which achievement became possible only thanks to prompt progress which occurs in all industrial branches. The boiler equipment is today economic, has high extent of automation, environmental friendliness and considerable efficiency. The specified factors — the main advantages of boiler installations. The constant rise in prices presently testifies to special profitability and importance of boiler rooms with the subsequent minimization of its expenses.

The solution of this task gives the chance to cut expenses on hot water supply and heating. Existing possibility of automation of processes occurring in a boiler room it is difficult to underestimate, as in the modern boiler equipment there is a possibility to deduce management of a considerable part of the equipment on the special control panel. Thanks to similar automation there is a decrease in requirement for quantity of labor to its further optimization which is required for service of boiler rooms. One of the most important tasks of the industry of a world scale is improvement of environmental friendliness of proceeding technical processes. This question concerns, including, and the boiler equipment.

Thanks to considerable decrease in amount of burned fuel, and also active introduction of pure technologies with installation of powerful filters, boiler rooms practically do not influence an ecological situation of environment.

The modern system of automatic equipment of boiler rooms is capable to replace completely the operator of production, independently to kindle coppers, to form teams on start-up and a stop of coppers, to regulate heating loading depending on ambient temperature level etc.

For the purpose of the best regulation of efficiency and capacity of work of boiler rooms it is possible to equip separately with automatic equipment liquid-fuel and gas torches. It will allow to reach optimum factor of excess of air practically in all available range of operation of this device, to reach the minimum emissions of carbon and carbon dioxide and the maximum efficiency of a copper. Besides, automation of torches promotes significant increase in a range of regulation of its capacity (from 20 to 100 %) and to smooth regulation of capacity of the device with the most optimum maintenance of a mode of demanded productivity of the heatunit. This updating of torches also will allow to carry out separate, better regulation of a ratio air – gas. More expensive and power-intensive import allow to replace these advanced torches completely.

Besides the above-stated advantages, the automated torch allows to exclude completely pulse lines at measurement of pressure of air, gas or depression level in a fire chamber thanks to use of special analog sensors with that exit which are established directly in a control place that essentially increases safety and reliability of work. Thus, use of automatic equipment in boiler rooms considerably saves means as flexible automated management allows to carry out work with coppers with the lowest losses of fuel, and work of boiler rooms without continuous continuous presence of employees, as well as the correct regulation, allows to prolong service life of boiler installations essentially. Boiler automatic equipment watches a gas contamination and pollution during production that corresponds to modern standards of environmental friendliness and safety.

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