5 principles of a right choice of a heater

5 principles of a right choice of a heater

The end the XX beginning of the XXI century is the period which it is safely possible to call a celebration of technologies and peak of development of technical branch. The changes which have occurred in a science and equipment, concerned literally each of us. We successfully use today products of information technologies, we surround ourselves with various electronics, we improve the house by means of the latest equipment and systems, doing it more functional, cozy and economic.

And even being going to buy an electric radiator of heating, we use a "scientific" approach, analyzing all pros and cons inherent in a concrete type of this equipment. The rational choice of electric heaters is based on several basic principles on which depends as will long serve to you выbбранное the equipment as far as it will be effective, carrying out the functions, safe and practical in use. About what principles are solving at a choice of electric heaters, we and will talk.

Principle No. 1 – compliance of technical parameters 5 principles of a right choice of a heater

So far as concerns purchase of an electric heater, it is important to define, in what room it will be used. Significant criteria here are the room area (the it more above, the there should be a heater capacity), the quantity of doors and windows (we do not forget to do a discount for possible drafts), quantity and type of the main devices of heating (how many in a room of radiators already is, how many in them sections, devices are made of what material).

For example, if the area of a room makes from 15 to 20 square meters, in this case will be one heater in capacity to 1,5 kW enough. However the room of the same area, but with bad warming of windows (when usual wooden frames are used), will need already more powerful decision, capable to compensate heat which is inefficiently spent because of existence of drafts.

Principle No. 2 – efficiency of heating 5 principles of a right choice of a heater

This parameter is defined first of all by what type of a heater you use. At present some such options are offered to buyers, and each of them has advantages and shortcomings.

The most widespread type of heaters are oil, similar "accordions" are known, probably, to everyone. As a source of heat in them oil which heats up from special ТЭНов is used. The warmed-up oil in turn heats up the metal case of a heater, and that already gives heat to surrounding space. The essential lack of such devices is a relative insecurity as the case can be heated so that can burn. Besides, on a warming up of oil more time leaves, respectively, after inclusion of a heater it is necessary to wait for not less than half an hour that it became indoors warm. But this shortcoming is partly compensated to that oil in the case of a heater cools down slowly therefore even after switching off any time heat will remain indoors.

The cheapest option for heating are fan heaters. They work by a hair dryer principle, generating warm air and by means of the fan "disseminating" it through room volume. Advantage such the device is their reasonable price, and also that they allow to "warm up" a room quickly. And the shortcoming – warmly quickly disappears, therefore such heaters are suitable for short-term use when, for example, it is necessary to warm up air in a bathroom or in garage.

One more option – more modern is infra-red heaters. Such devices generate infra-red radiation from which air, and subjects in a room heats up not. Then warm things give heat to surrounding space. Infra-red heaters the safest of all existing types, but their essential shortcoming is rather high price.

As separate group it is necessary to allocate design radiators (heaters) also. They in many respects surpass everything in appearance, a practicality, convenience of use and durability the types of the equipment listed above, however at cost differ not so obviously as could seem. A striking example of design heaters is combination of innovative materials and high adaptability to manufacture when heating of a room is carried out in the combined way, for example, infra-red and from classical ТЭНов. Outwardly such radiators "are not beaten out" from the general registration of an interior. Even we will tell more, sometimes at all it is impossible to tell that the panel hanging on a wall from the tempered glass in style hi-tech is a heater, very such device reminds itself a masterpiece of the modern art.

Principle No. 3 – heater cost

Before buying a heater, once again check, as far as its price corresponds to the declared characteristics. Happens so that buyers simply overpay for brand and a brand, choosing a product from global manufacturer with a known name. Meanwhile the Russian analogs which stand much cheaper, and on functions and design practically concede nothing to import samples, sometimes appear much more favourably.

Therefore define for itself, you are ready to overpay 2-4 thousand only for one name, or you will be more economical and find for yourself option not worse than the import. With that variety of heaters which is presented in the Russian market, similar will make not simply, and it is very simple – it is necessary to allocate only a little time and in more detail to study proposals of several producers.

Principle No. 4 – durability guarantees 5 principles of a right choice of a heater

Agree that for each of us it is important, how many on time can serve this or that device, and with a heater a situation similar. Before buying a radiator, learn in shop of a condition of a guarantee which are offered by the producer.

As a rule, on the majority of heaters the guarantee of 1-2 years is given, but with design radiators the situation is a little another. Similar devices are ranked as the piece goods, in the course of their manufacturing carefully selected materials are used, the production technology is verified to trifles, and designs of heaters are tested for durability, electric and ecological safety. Having checked a design radiator from all directions, producers give more reliable guarantees on such equipment, specifying the minimum service life till 10-15 years. Considering it, even at price increase in comparison with other types of heaters, electric design radiators completely pay back themselves long term of use and unpretentiousness.

Principle No. 5 – your individual requirements

It is clear that in the course of a choice the crucial role is played by your preferences. After all, unfortunately, until now any producer did not manage to develop the universal device which on all to characteristics would suit literally to everyone. Therefore when you are lost in a choice and cannot solve at once what to choose a radiator from two, three, four … the models which have pleasant to you, simply summarize advantages and shortcomings of everyone. Make an objective assessment of all models which have attracted to you so you will manage to define the closest to ideal in your understanding a heater.

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