Infra-red saunas: Beam of life

The infra-red sauna (IK-sauna) is useful to an organism so as far as stay in a sauna in general is useful, but discomfort thus is not felt any. Slags and toxins leave a human body together with then, and we feel pleasant ease and cheerfulness. And here it is not necessary to pass "test" by steam – air in IK-saune does not heat up therefore to be there as is comfortable, as well as in a usual room.

IK-sauna works at distant infra-red radiation. The principle of its action is comparable with sun influence if it gave vivifying heat, but did not endanger thus which is born by excessive activity of ultra-violet beams. Moreover, infra-red beams compensate an adverse effect ultra-violet, and are a natural anti-pillbox from solar burns.

The advantage from IK-sauny is difficult for overestimating. Here some figures and facts:

IK-sauna heats up not air to intolerable 100 With as in a usual Finnish sauna, and the body to comfortable 38-50 S.Pri etom a potootdeleniye is direct occurs in 7 times more intensively, and it is deduced from an organism in 6 times more toxins and fatty deposits, than in a traditional sauna. In 30 minutes (1 session) in IK-saune it is possible to lose to 700 Kcal that is equivalent to one intensive training in the sports hall or hour jog. And all this without considerable load of heart!

Are how useful to health IK-sauny?

Infra-red beams, getting through skin, water molecules in an organism force to vibrate. It promotes activization of processes of an endocellular exchange, increase of level of oxygen in blood, hemoglobin and erythrocytes, accelerates a blood and lymph current, increases immunity. The organism resists to viruses more successfully, catarrhal diseases recover quicker, even such serious, as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Process of aging of an organism is slowed down, and regeneration process, on the contrary, is accelerated, thanks to what bruises, wounds, changes, hems and burns quicker heal. Such diseases of skin as eels, psoriasis, eczema also very give in to salutary influence IK-luchey.

Infra-red saunas: Beam of lifeInfra-red saunas: Beam of life Infra-red saunas: Beam of life

Toxins getting to a human body (lead, mercury, compounds of chlorine, etc.), are kept by the same molecules of water. IK-volny destroy communications of water and toxins which then are deduced from an organism through a time together with then. Similar influence appears and on the hypodermic deposits of fat known as cellulitis.

It is useful IK-sauny and at frustration of nervous system, such as sleeplessness, a nervous tic, the headaches caused by a stress.

IK-luchi perfectly warm up muscles and joints, eliminating spasms, artritichesky pains, hurt in the top humeral belt, menstrual pains, rheumatism, radiculitis etc.


Good-quality or malignant tumors, and also suspicion on their existence, sharp purulent processes, the sharp diseases, being accompanied temperature increase, an active form of tuberculosis, infectious and kontangiozny diseases, a kakheksiya, chronic alcoholism, existence in an organism of parasites, the general atherosclerosis, being accompanied organic defeat of somatic bodies, existence of tendency to profuzny bleedings, a labile form of diabetes at which periodic or persistent acidosis, the posttromboflebitichesky syndrome, proceeding less than 3 months, danger of emergence of the emboliya, persistent arterial hypertension with the pressure exceeding 200 mm of mercury is observed. and organic changes of an internal, existence in a body of the person of foreign matters (implants).

In any case, before being treated by means of IK-sauny, it is necessary to consult with the doctor, especially if heart diseases are already diagnosed.

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