Independent gasification: heat and a cosiness in a country house

One of the most demanded types of fuel for provision of energy of private and industrial facilities the homogeneous mix which was under pressure of butane and propane — the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas (SUG) is considered. Use and transportation of the liquefied gas thus are very convenient. At pressure decrease the liquid phase of the liquefied gas turns in vaporous and serves as a high-efficiency and practical type of fuel.

Pluses of SUG found application in independent gasification. Country cottages, settlements and industrial structures (warehouses, floor spaces etc.) — here only short list of the buildings suitable for installation of independent system of gasification. The demand of independent gasification is defined by that the main natural gas often happens is inaccessible or threatens to turn back bureaucratic formalities.

The gas-holder — is the central element of system of independent gasification, usually underground, from where arrives on object of SUG. Use of one or several gas-holders provides reserved propane-butane and uninterrupted giving.

Many difficulties of country life will disappear, thanks to independent gasification of a cottage. With the help propane-butane you at the same time receive heating system, hot water and can connect the reserve gas generator.

Independent gasification: heat and a cosiness in a country house

Installation of system of gasification is carried out by experts and takes only some days. The gas-holder dug on certain depth on your site, is filled with a propane and butane mix as well as habitual red gas cylinders. The gas pipeline connects a gas-holder to a gas copper which settles down in your house or in a boiler room. Qualitatively performed installation works deliver a minimum of inconveniences, and depth of an arrangement of an underground gas-holder steals up according to climatic features of a place of your accommodation. For prevention of "emersion" of a gas-holder when lifting underground waters it is established on the ferro-concrete basis. One gas-holder will serve to you very much and very long, after all term of operation of the tank increases several times at the expense of action of anode and cathodic protection.

So the scheme of independent gasification of the private house in the most general view looks. At development of the system of independent gasification features of a site and the house, and also all your additional requirements will be taken into consideration. The volume of a gas-holder will be picked up depending on the area of the house, its thermal insulation and other conditions of accommodation. And the range of tasks which you put before a copper, will affect its look and capacity. One-planimetric gas coppers will be useful, if you are going to warm only the house whereas for ensuring hot water supply you need more powerful, double-circuit model of a gas copper, or the house equipment by a separate water heater, in addition to one-planimetric.

You can choose one of several ways for creation of system of independent heating by means of a gas copper. You can mount classical radiators, and can get the advanced heat-insulated floors, water or electric. But for the biggest rooms experts recommend to establish radiators in surely order, and teply pol system to leave for halls, bathrooms and kitchens.

Independent gasification of industrial facilities high-quality and carried-out in the shortest terms or cottage settlements also is successful alternative to the main gas pipeline. Difficult industrial facilities assume use of additional equipment. Isparitelnye installations increase speed of a regazifikatsiya (transition from a liquid phase in vaporous). Installation of evaporators will allow to optimize as much as possible quality of work of production and to create comfortable living conditions in the cottage settlement, and the locking regulating fittings will not allow dangerous breakages. And after installation of the emergency gas generator the industrial enterprise will be perfectly insured from failures in object power supply.

The system of gasification by the liquefied gas possesses a number of advantages in comparison with others, alternative to natural gas, electric power sources. First of all, gasification with the help propane-butane is in the lead on low cost, almost on a third overtaking diesel fuel.

On degree of reliability, duration of operation and convenience of system of independent gasification take the first places in every possible ratings. The companies contractors which are engaged in independent gasification, will create the system project, will install also commissioning of the equipment and will provide further service and system maintenance. The best option will be cooperation with one company at all levels: it will allow to prevent possible flaws and troubles further. The system of independent gasification should consist only of the high-quality equipment in which installation the qualified experts will be engaged. Turn on this special attention, after all in hands of engineers there are yours tranquillity and convenience.

At the expense of tank gas-holder existence gas supply will smoothly occur. Independent gasification will allow to establish without bureaucratic coordination the new gas equipment, as, for example, the stove, a water heater or any heating device. Gas supply systems on propane-butane are extremely comfortable and safe.

Those people who worries for the health and a state of nature, ecological safety of SUG will please. After its combustion there is no soot and other products of burning that favourably distinguishes the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas from other types of fuel.

Convenient delivery terms of gas will allow you to fill up volume of the liquefied gas in the tank in few hours. The prices for SUG at different suppliers will differ considerably, and you will freely change the expenses on energy resources. Now the newest service of telemetry from which you always can independently learn level propane-butane in a gas-holder is available to you also.

The Gazovoz company ( will create personal system of independent gasification of complexes of any level of complexity, from design and assembling of systems of heating and gas supply, and finishing service and maintenance of the established equipment. Our company, including, is engaged in installation of coppers and the equipment for boiler rooms, offers the qualitative gas equipment of leading world brands and fills gas-holders with the liquefied gas. A wide experience, equipment of the highest class and employees knowing the business give the chance to us to guarantee quality of our projects comprehensively.

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