How to choose a copper of gas heating?

Choosing a gas copper, it is important to consider the most various factors that purchase as a result worked effectively. Besides, competent selection of the qualitative equipment will allow to get balanced at the price and quality option.

Key parameters of gas coppers

  • Capacity. One of the most important parameters. It is necessary to make calculations for each room in advance. At standard height of a ceiling 2,5 – 2,7 m, on each 10 m ? are necessary for 1 kW of capacity of a copper. If the house not standard, and has any features, it is necessary to address for calculation of necessary capacity to the professional designer.
  • Capacity regulation. It is best of all to acquire that equipment in which there is a possibility of smooth regulation of capacity. The matter is that on full capacity the copper is usually used only some weeks in a year, in the most bitter colds. Thanks to smooth regulation the owner of the house also has a possibility rationally to use resources.
  • Way of installation. There are gas coppers floor or wall. The second option suits those who has no a big boiler room for whom preservation of the maximum quantity of the free area is very important more.
  • Heat exchanger material. All gas coppers of heating are equipped with metal contours, passing through which water and heats up. There are models with steel, pig-iron and copper heat exchangers. Each mentioned material has advantages and shortcomings. For example, steel quite easy, but are subject to corrosion. Are used in inexpensive models of coppers. Copper lungs steady against corrosion. Pig-iron very heavy therefore are, as a rule, established in floor models. Cast iron is steady against sharp differences of temperatures, and also прочен, is durable, is not subject to corrosion. However coppers with heat exchangers from this material there is enough road.
  • Type of used energy. There are 2 types of the coppers differing by this criterion: konvektsionny and kondensatsionny. In the konvektsionny energy of combustion of gas is used only. In kondensatsionny models heat of the water vapor being in smoke gas also is used. The second option is more economic (its efficiency for 20-30 % higher), but also there is it much more konvektsionny models.

Considering aforementioned criteria, it is possible to choose without problems an ideal gas copper for the private house.

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