Innovations – not luxury!

Every day advanced technologies borrow more and more a place in our everyday life, however many believe that innovations – inadmissible luxury. To think so — a big mistake as modern technical solutions for the house are urged to save first of all money, helping to facilitate burden of utility bills and at the same time to increase comfort of residence in city apartments and private houses. Let’s get acquainted with some of them in more detail.

Management of a microclimate

The comfortable microclimate indoors is the balanced ratio of temperature and humidity of air. Today широкодоступны means by means of which it is possible to supervise these parameters. For example, for economy of thermal energy (so, and the money spent for payment of a central heating or fuel for an individual copper) it is reasonable to operate air temperature in each room separately. For this purpose automatic radiatorny temperature regulators – devices which regulate heatreturn of heating devices for ensuring the maximum comfort serve.« The temperature regulator is established on a pipe submitting the heat-carrier to a radiator. Rotating regulating handle, it is possible to establish comfortable value of air temperature indoors in limits from +6°C to +26°C. At excess of this value on 1°C the temperature regulator will block supply of hot water in a radiator, and at decrease in temperature on 1°C below the established value — again will open it. Thus, each heating device can work in an individual mode, depending on the chosen control» — Anton Belov, the deputy director of thermal department of the Danfoss company, leading global manufacturer of the energy saving equipment explains.

Separate devices allow to program temperature change indoors in various time of day. For example, in settings of an electronic radiatorny temperature regulator of Living Eco it is possible to specify time periods during which it is necessary to maintain more high or low temperature. «Let’s say that for a night dream you prefer temperature +16°C, and in the morning, before awakening, it needs to be raised not to feel discomfort. You set temperature change with +16°C to +20°C on 7 o’clock in the morning. The temperature regulator will open water supply in a radiator in advance that the specified value was reached precisely by designated time» — Anton Belov makes comments.

It is necessary to notice, what even such devices are presumed to itself by a usual family: their cost makes about 2500 rub. To save they are capable on the average from 10 to 15 % of heat.

One more useful technology connected with heating of the house, are heat-insulated floors. They are not so widespread today in Russia, as habitual radiatorny heating though have a number of advantages, in particular — create more uniform temperature field. Warm air always rises up, and cold falls down, the heating of a floor creates natural convection on all area of a room, evenly warming up it and creating more comfortable conditions for accommodation. Thus there is no need to warm up a floor strongly — enough to make it warmish. And one more advantage of the similar decision consists in it — safety, especially for children.

By a principle of action it is possible to divide water and electric heat-insulated floors. The choice of used technology depends on a power source in the house. If it is a question of the city apartment, water heating of a floor unreasonably to use as its fittings are not calculated on application in systems of the central heat supply where pressure can be too high that often conducts to failures and floodings of apartments. And it is impossible to mount on existing norms the additional sanitary equipment in premises.

And here on use of an electric heat-insulated floor no restrictions are present. In the range of the largest producers there are decisions practically for any rooms and types of floor coverings: tile, parquet and laminate, linoleum, tree, carpet. To provide the greatest comfort in the apartment existence of a large number of settings allows. For example, the intellectual control system of heat-insulated floors of DEVI allows to choose and combine a set of modes of heating, to supervise temperature both the floor, and air in warmed space. For example, it is possible to establish restrictions on heating for floors with various types of coverings, to optimize a heating mode, choosing the built-in programs for various types of rooms, to program system work by means of the built-in timer and many other things. Thus, as show calculations, the power consumption of a heat-insulated floor in the two-room apartment will be approximately one quarter, than only one oil heater if to hold it included constantly. Certainly, situations happen different, and if necessary it is possible to combine various decisions.

Power supply

According to the researches ZVEI (To federation of German branch of electrical equipment and information technologies), intellectual management of a building helps to reduce electric power expenses on the average by 55 %. There are special systems for automation of supply of electricity, for example, ABB i-bus® KNX. This system consists of components which are responsible for management of lighting, heating, ventilation, safety systems, power consumption etc.« So, the controler of level of illumination considers indications of the sensor of presence and the sensor measuring level of natural light indoors — Sharifullin’s Dinar, the engineer on group of the products ABB i-bus KNX of the ABB company, the leader in production of the power equipment and technologies for power industry and automation explains. — Depending on these data lamps automatically turn on and their brightness is regulated. This technology allows to save up to 50 % of the electric power. On illumination of a room in the area 100 sq.m consumer saves 5000 rubles a year, and investments into the power effective equipment come back all for 2-3 years».

However, to save the electric power today it is possible and without difficult technical solutions. For example, using energy saving lamps instead of habitual filament lamps. There are following types of energy saving lamps which can be used as alternative to ordinary filament lamps: compact luminescent (KLL), light-emitting diode and halogen. In the table their key parameters below are listed.

Table 1. Characteristics electric ламп1




The light-emitting diode

The halogen

Operation term

(one thousand hours)





Equivalent capacity (W)





Average cost (rub)





It is visible that on a ratio «operation/cost term» from a general series is allocated with KLL — at capacity of only 11 W it provides the same illumination, as the 60-vattny filament lamp. There is KLL of 150 rub, but serves thus ten times more long. Actually, already only for this reason they are favorable for applying, and all economy of the electric power brought by them — is pure "profit". Light-emitting diode lamps, despite very big service life and high power efficiency, from the economic point of view are not so favorable because of the big cost.


In use houses protection against leakages is important and flooding — after all then it is possible to be absent, without worrying that because of an emergency you flood neighbors from below. For example, the Akvastorozh system automatically blocks water when registers a leakage.

The principle of action is simple — radio sensors settle down in places of possible hit of water at a leakage, for example, under the washing machine, under a sink and so forth. As soon as the sensor is humidified, the special drive blocks gates on struts. Cost of system depends on a complete set — the cheapest decision for the apartment with hot and cold water — about 8000 rubles. At desire it is possible to use also the uninterruptible power supply — on a case of interruptions in the power supply network or emergency switching off of a room knife switch.

Other important element of safety in an apartment house is the modern on-door speakerphone. Now in the market there are interesting technical solutions with a various functional. For example, the ABB-Welcome 8 system is intended for residential buildings of middle class and differs ability to work in a wide range of temperatures (from – 40°C to +70°C) — it actually for the majority of the Russian regions. The station of a call is equipped with an intellectual video camera (which keeps in memory portraits of visitors and distinguishes faces in the dark), an answering machine and the integration module with mobile devices on the basis of iOS and Android2. Today the largest domofonny system on the basis of a line of ABB-Welcome 8 is created in China and unites 2650 subscribers.

"Clever" technologies for household appliances

Now are developed not only the devices, allowing to improve quality of life of the house, but also the special systems integrating everything household appliances into uniform structure with centralized management. Similar development conducts both large, and the small companies.

For example, HOME SAPIENS — the first Russian-speaking intellectual system of the "clever" house with the voice-activated control, developed by the company "Home Sapiyens". With its help it is possible to turn the house into the intellectual assistant who completely will assume routine problems of management of devices, including household appliances, multimedia, security systems, including the fire alarm system and the monitoring system of leakages of water.

Other example is the HomeOS5 operating system developed by Microsoft corporation and intended for management of household devices, electronics and office equipment. It is natural that this difficult decision demanding centralized management. Today HomeOS within 8 months is tested in 12 houses of the developers.

Today there is a set of the technical solutions, capable to make our life not only is more comfortable, but also is more economic. It and simple devices for management in temperature indoors, and difficult systems of the "clever" house, and many other things. Practice of their use says what to keep up to date not only it is fashionable, but also it is favorable.


1 It is considered that each bulb in the apartment burns on the average 3 hours per day.

2 by means of the appendix phone carries out functions of the user’s device, allowing the owner of the apartment, even being far from the house, to see the visitor and to talk to it.

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