Graceful decision

Every year before the Russian construction branch everything rises a question of need of revision of standard projects of residential buildings for the purpose of introduction of systems of heating with horizontal poetazhny distributing, including in serial construction more sharply. Such system, in comparison with in large quantities applied today vertical, possesses higher potential of power efficiency and allows to realize already at a stage of construction in residential buildings of the scheme of distribution with the pokvartirny accounting of heat. It is demanded directly by the current legislation and standards, in particular, the Federal law No. 261-FZ1 which has come into force in 2009, and Construction Norms and Regulations 41-01-2003 «Heating, ventilation and conditioning». More difficult installation, adjustment and service belong to number of objective obstacles in a way of wide introduction of horizontal systems with the pokvartirny account. Solve this problem use of the unified modular knots of accession of room system of heating can.

Graceful decision

«Connection of intra room system of heating to an all-house contour in schemes with horizontal distributing is carried out through accession knot which structure includes submitting and return distributive collectors with locking cranes, and also the automatic balancing valve which is supporting continuous pressure difference on an entrance of the apartment and carrying out a role of the limiter of an expense of the heat-carrier. Before submitting collector the individual device of the accounting of heat is mounted. Besides, competently designed knot of accession of room system of heating should be equipped with the mesh filter, and also air and drainage valves» — Alexander Dubnyakov, the specialist of the Danfoss company, leading global manufacturer of the energy saving equipment explains.

According to the expert, installation and control of the transferred equipment do not represent special complexity, however it is necessary to consider what to carry out them it is necessary repeatedly — for each apartment of again built house. It increases labor input and a zatratnost of works, and also probability of mistakes at setup of balancing valves and heat meters. At last, before object delivery each switching knot it is necessary опрессовать.

Considering these circumstances, specialists of the Danfoss company developed the unified ready decision — a case with knot of accession of room system of heating ShKSO-1 which was started in production in November, 2012.

Distributive case ShKSO-1 of Danfoss is intended for connection to two-trumpet horizontal system of heating with beam (in updatings В7 and В4) or perimetralny (in updating В1) distributing. The first option is calculated on use in buildings with free planning of apartments (in particular, monolithic), the second — for standard multi-storey buildings of serial building.

At application ShKSO-1 at the same time connecting, measuring, regulating and distributive functions are carried out. There are case updatings with one (respectively, В1), four (В4) or seven (В7) exits, with left foreign and right-hand connection to room system of heating.

Its hydraulic balancing at variable expenses of the heat-carrier is provided by a regulator of constancy of difference of pressure — the automatic combined balancing AB-PM valve. The regulator allows to support correct work of radiatorny temperature regulators in all range of changing loadings and carries out at the same time three tasks:

1. Maintenance of continuous difference of pressure;
2. Ограничение предельного расхода теплоносителя;

Function of restriction of an expense allows to establish the maximum expense on each apartment. After that, even if her owner makes changes to heating system without coordination with the maintaining organization, it cannot break the actions balancing of all-house system of heating as the expense through the apartment remains within design norm.

The equipment of a distributive case provides stable hydraulic working hours of system of heating, and also the high-precision individual accounting of heat, including at insignificant loads of system of heating, characteristic for premises of the small area. Calculations and the analysis were carried out for buildings of various type and number of storeys, for example, for ordinary section of a standard 17-storeyed house with horizontal poetazhny distributing of system of heating and for a 9-storeyed house constructed on the individual project.

«In recent years in Russia construction of power effective multiroom houses of a new formation where other approach to the organization of systems of the heating is required, based on principles of energy saving and the personified accounting of heat rather actively develops — Alexander Dubnyakov notes. — Therefore we also had an idea to create a product, allowing to simplify process of design, installation and operation of heating systems, and actually to give them modular structure».

Really, the new decision considerably simplifies installation (about what already there was a speech above) and as the opressovka and control of the equipment is made industrially, need of carrying out them on object disappears. The case is necessary for mounting only on a wall and to connect to pipelines.

Work of designers which can use now a case as the ready certificated module with known parameters is also essentially facilitated. «The similar approach provides simplicity of design and equipment selection — Alexander Dubnyakov adds. — Application ShKSO-1 saves time at the expense of lack of need of drawing of each element of knot. Thus we offer the free program «to Danfoss WITH» and full technical support. It is also important that the case is equipped with the automatic balancing valve which excludes installation of balancing valves on struts of system of heating». The guarantee of the producer on a case as on uniform nomenclature unit has considerable value also.

For specialists of the maintaining organizations application ShKSO-1 provides possibility of operative replacement of locking regulating fittings and heating devices in the apartment. At last, use of balancing valves and restriction of an expense of the heat-carrier allow to increase power efficiency of room system of heating approximately for 10-15 %.

«The offered approach is the most progressive in development of heating engineering — Valery Karpov, the chief specialist of technical department of Mosproyekt company heating considers. — It at the same time solves problems of hydrodynamics and increase of reliability of system of heating. On this way there are also other companies, but "Danfoss", as always, is a little ahead».

As it was already told, existence in a distributive case of a heat meter provides the individual accounting of the actual heatconsumption for each apartment. Thus the ultrasonic device of the accounting of heat of Sonometеr 1100 guarantees accuracy of measured parameters, and having attached to it additional modules of communication, it is possible to organize automatic data collection of the account and their transfer to a dispatching office for control and charge of payments. «At this device very good indicators: it starts to consider heatconsumption at an expense from 6 liters at an o’clock — Vitaly Sasin, the head of department of heating devices and heating systems «bathroom equipment scientific research institute», the director of scientific and technical firm "Vitaterm", the member of Presidium of NP "AVOK" makes comments. – Application of an ultrasonic method is very perspective and correct direction».

Today in multiroom housing construction two-trumpet systems of heating with poetazhny horizontal distributing even more often become alternative to vertical systems traditional for Russia. With them are equipped both objects of sector of elite building, and municipal buildings. The flexible and simple concept realized in a design of case ShKSO-1, essentially simplifies design, installation and operation of horizontal systems of heating, allowing to lower a zatratnost on each of these stages.

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