The problem of installation of the furnace of a kamenka can seem at first sight impracticable, in any case – by own efforts. However on closer examination it appears that anything it is impossible го in it is not present, especially if to consider that our ancestors solved this problem with success, without having those tools and technologies which are available to us today. It is necessary to follow step by step simply to simple algorithm of a choice and furnace installation, of course, considering that fact that we live in the XXI century, and modern technologies left far forward.

Choice of an electric kamenka and correct selection of capacity

Electric kamenka represent the furnaces intended for heating and a humidifier of a sweating room, and respectively, to choose capacity of such furnace it is necessary on sweating room volume, instead of all building of a bath. Ratios at a choice are simple: on each cubic meter of volume of a sweating room it is necessary for 0.7-1 kW of capacity. But there is more to come: this calculation is true only for deaf sweating rooms, and does not consider heat losses through windows. If those in a sweating room nevertheless are available, on each square meter of windows it is necessary to add 3 cubic meter of conditional volume or 2.1-3 kW of capacity of the furnace. If external walls of a sweating room do not differ a good thermal insulation, for example, are executed in a half of brick, on each square meter of such wall it is necessary to add cubic meter of conditional volume or 0.7-1 kW of capacity.

Only considering heat losses in a sweating room, it is possible to choose capacity of the heating device correctly. If you do not find to bake a kamenka with capacity in a settlement range – anything, it even is good, if you take the heating device «with a stock», it can be maintained not on full capacity. If you chose the furnace weaker, it can become a big problem.

Big plus of a choice of the electric furnace of a kamenka – simplicity of its installation. As a rule, such devices are completed with all necessary, and accompanying documentation contains all necessary information on its installation.

Whether it is easy to buy the wood furnace a kamenka?

Furnace-kamenkiThere is nothing more simply! The modern industry offers the wide range of similar products of the various capacity which is differing not only configuration, but also very various furnish. It is possible to pick up quite worthy options as for the budgetary bath where appearance does not play a crucial role, and for an elite sweating room.

If you can allow yourselves it, surely pay the attention to the interesting models combining in functions of the furnace of a kamenka and a fireplace. Having an open fire chamber, from a locker room they look, as a usual fireplace, but in a steam room carry out all functions of the furnace of a kamenka. However, recently began to appear and cheaper designs such that allows to get and establish such furnace practically to everyone.

In respect of reliability and durability it is necessary to pay attention to pig-iron furnaces for a bath. These products are, as a rule, heated slightly more long, but and give heat more long that finally affects fuel consumption. Such furnaces in the course of acceptance of bathing procedures not подтапливают, they hold working temperature quite long time. Certainly, here the role is played also by kamenka filling, quantity of stones and their thermal capacity.

Device of the furnace of a kamenka and purpose of its elements

The chamber for burning of fuel call a toplivnik. To find it it is very easy – it settles down on the furnace center, directly under a copper. Its walls are located a little at an angle: be not frightened, it not marriage, it is so necessary in order that spent fuel was poured through a lattice.

The copper, tank, coil – these details are intended for ensuring necessary humidity in a sweating room in the course of acceptance of bathing procedures. A coil establish in a toplivnik, and a copper – it is direct in the furnace.

The ashpit is intended for collecting the remains of the burned-down fuel (ashes). It settles down under a toplivnik, and in process of a burn-out of fuel, its crushing, it wakes up down through cracks in grid-irons. The ashpit has a podduvalny door. This detail of the furnace regulates intake of oxygen in a fire chamber, allows to increase burning temperature (and fuel consumption too!) or to reduce it.

Latch – an important part of a flue. A latch close, when the furnace completely burned through, in order that in the idle furnace the draft did not walk. In operating time of the furnace to close a latch it is strictly forbidden: in this case carbon monoxide will start to arrive in a room!

The steam door – a door which is in a sweating room, and regulates supply of steam. Opens before reception of bathing procedures.

Stones keep within on a lattice, and form a kamenka. From structure and quantity of stones many indicators of the furnace – almost more than depend on its design features.

The smoke-deflecting pipe or flue delete a smoke, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances which are forming in the course of burning, from the furnace.

Placement of the furnace of a kamenka

Each owner of a bath considers available options of furnaces, and chooses from the most suitable as much as possible option attractive to. Furnaces differ not only technical characteristics and appearance, but also way of placement.

The fire chamber can settle down both in a sweating room, and in the next room or in general on the street. A design choose, being guided by planning of your bath, the sizes of a sweating room and also personal preferences.

More often a kamenka in a sweating room have in a corner behind a door. On an opposite wall regiments for acceptance of bathing procedures settle down. Bake should not give a lot of heat: in order that in a bath it was comfortable, the person should receive warmly from all directions, so – walls of a sweating room should reflect heat well.

As fuel the classical furnaces of a kamenka working at firm fuel are most widespread, and also the models focused on natural gas meet. And certainly it is not necessary to dismiss convenient and practical, economic electric furnaces for a bath.


Kamenka installation

In principle, to mount independently modern furnace of manufacturing it is simple: producers took care, that future owners had with it no problems. It is necessary to fulfill simply simple requirements to provide safety of operation of this product.

Furnaces for a bath should be established on the heat resisting, fire-resistant basis. It can be, for example, a leaf of metal or a concrete coupler. To the next wooden and other inflammable designs it is necessary to sustain distance not less than a meter. If this rule difficult to execute or is impossible (for example, the height of a ceiling or proximity of a wall does not allow), the corresponding design protect a metal leaf with a basalt thermal insulation or a ceramic tile, a bricklaying and other nonflammable materials.

Indoors, where there will be a furnace fire chamber, it is necessary to provide the corresponding inflow of fresh air is it is necessary, that the furnace did not "choke" and did not poison with burning products the atmosphere in a bath. To a wall opposite to a fire chamber should be not less than a meter and a quarter. It is caused not only fire-prevention requirements, but also elementary convenience of work with the furnace.

Flue installation

For the flue organization in a bath it is convenient to use dymokhodny pipes, in a set offered in construction shops. Pay attention, for example, to pipes from the stainless steel, allowing to make a flue reliable and durable. Avoid use of the zinced pipes as when heating they allocate harmful substances!

Planning ways of a proleganiye of a flue, pay attention to that near it there were no wooden and other inflammable designs. The smoke has very high temperature, and incorrectly located flue can become a cause of the fire.

Scheme of installation of a flue

It is necessary to pay attention and to formation of condensate in the pipeline. In case you plan a direct strut (through a ceiling and further, through a roof), for you condensate will not be a problem, and here if your flue is bent by means of a knee (for example to pass through a wall), a certain danger here is covered. In this case it is recommended to use a sandwich flues, thermal insulations having decent level.

Choice засыпки for a kamenka

Choosing stones for засыпки, it is necessary to consider that is required them very much: on each cubic meter of a steam room – about 60 kg. Here main recommendations about a choice of stones:

  • choose heavy, dense stones without cracks. And to it similar geological educations it is better to refuse use of sandstone: they not only are inefficient and short-lived, but also litter furnace channels.
  • stones should have small factor of thermal expansion: it means that they not only will strongly not extend when heating, it also will allow to avoid cracking at sharp cooling.
  • stones should be in diameter not less than 10 cm, and it is thus good to accumulate heat.
  • it is better to choose stones of a roundish form, without sharp sides. The stones having sharp sides, can "shoot" from time to time.
  • at засыпке – a compulsory procedure, but stones it is necessary to examine and clear survey of stones of once a year, replacing burst new.

For the furnace it is better to choose stones on the bank of fresh reservoirs: lakes, rivers etc. Choose naked children, boulders, granite stones of a roundish form. The largest stones keep within the bottom layer of a kamenka, and from a sweating room – the strongest. If you presume to buy a jade – pay the closest attention to this stone: fine physical properties of this material are harmoniously supplemented with medical effect of steam which is developed by means of these stones.

If in your region to find such stones it is problematic, it is possible to fill about 20 % of volume of a kamenka with the pig-iron chushka laid vertically. Fight porcelain and pottery, a red brick Besides, will approach.

For electric the kamenok is selected by stones more small, than for the wood. The matter is that at electric furnaces the container for stones is slightly less, so also stones should be more small. Stones for a bath at an intensive use seldom serve more long than five years. They lose over time a thermal capacity, crumble, in them there are microcracks. So be ready to that in some years all volume of the stones placed in a kamenka, it is necessary to replace.

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