Barbecue and furnaces fireplaces – features of construction and a design

Fireplaces, furnaces and modern barbecues complexes are in essence intended for various use allocated at combustion of fuel of thermal energy. Fireplaces have for an object heating of a stone hall; furnaces – heating and cooking; a barbecue complexes – cooking by various ways.

Common feature, both for fireplaces, and for furnaces of a barbecue the following is characteristic:

  1. fire chamber existence where there is a fuel burning;
  2. existence of smoke channels – a flue – on which occurs branch from a fire chamber of products of burning.

For the rest furnaces and fireplaces are not similar. The barbecue can include a fireplace, and also any furnace, for example, heating, cooking, Russian, the furnace under a cauldron. Therefore to allocate obvious differences of a barbecue from such heaters as furnaces or fireplaces it is impossible.

The main difference of a traditional fireplace from the furnace is an open fire chamber, and also a direct flue. The last means that the smoke directly from a fire chamber leaves in a pipe, further on the street without giving warmly to a laying. It for obvious reasons reduces thermal efficiency of a fireplace. As a whole, the listed differences of a fireplace cause two features of its work. First, the open fire chamber and absence of system of accumulation of heat of flue gases a laying (system of smoke channels) leads to that heating of a chimney room from a fireplace occurs by means of a radiating heat transfer, i.e. radiation. Secondly, the design of a fire chamber of a fireplace should provide conditions at which the smoke will not get to a chimney room even under condition of existence for this physical barrier (door).

The complex
the barbecue furnace the Furnace fireplace the Fireplace to Bake under a cauldron

It is necessary to emphasize that existence of an open fire chamber, a free access to fire leads to that the fireplace, unlike the furnace, starts to heat at once as soon as in it something lights up. It is unconditional advantage of a fireplace.

The open fire chamber and direct flue is the basic that distinguishes a fireplace from the furnace.

Furnaces have pains of smoke channels difficult a profile. Besides, furnaces can have both winter, and summer option of a flue. The first longer, as a result the furnace in a bigger measure heats up heat of departing products of burning; a summer flue truncated that allows to take away a hot smoke directly on the street without heating of the furnace, and also without that warm room. Need of existence of a summer flue for the furnace is caused by that can use it not only for heating, but also for cooking.

Certainly, it is necessary to tell that there are so-called furnaces fireplaces. These are such furnaces which have an open fire chamber of a fireplace on the one hand and the closed fire chamber with system of smoke channels with an arch. Such furnaces combine advantages of the furnace and a fireplace therefore they found wide application among Russians. After all it is necessary for all of us in warmly cold winter evenings and in the mornings, all of us like to look simply at a fireplace, silently watching fire game in a fireplace fire chamber.

In a design of the furnace of a fireplace two fire chambers and two systems of smoke channels are provided. It allows to heat the furnace and a fireplace both in parallel, and separately. Furnaces fireplaces have the extended dymokhodny channels that provides to furnaces fireplaces their main advantage - profitability. Existence similar multiturnaround дымооборотов allows furnaces fireplaces to accumulate bigger quantity of heat and therefore, more long to warm a heated room. Besides, big preference of heaters such as "the furnace fireplaces" is connected with that furnaces fireplaces form the special air pool which is optimum perceived by the person in a chimney hall. This feature of furnaces fireplaces call "healthy heat". FOR this reason specialists ecologists call preferable heatgenerators of the furnace fireplaces.

Furnaces of a barbecue differ from the furnace or a fireplace the integrated approach. The barbecue a complex can include a fireplace and/or the furnace, and both simple heating, and Russian more difficult, for example.

Barbecues often place out of door, but, despite it they should be protected from an atmospheric precipitation since the last promote destruction of a laying and, respectively, reduction of service life of your barbecue of a complex. Therefore often barbecues of the furnace place under a canopy or in an arbor.

The main accessories, barbecues used at construction are pig-iron we arrange a brazier, an automatic spit for a lamb, pig-iron a grill lattice of a barbecue and also, probably, the built-in smoking shed. In certain cases barbecues complete complexes figurative or stationary тандырами. Placement as a part of a barbecue stationary тандыра demands existence from the stove-maker of the special competences which practically are not met in our country. After all to stick together tandy (them вылепляют) at all what to combine the furnace.

And the brazier for a barbecue is better for carrying out from cast iron is will allow to increase essentially term of its service, as pig-iron braziers not корродируют under the influence of fire as steel, thus they are much less subject to deformation at heatchanges.

Separately it is necessary to stop on such furnace, as Russian. Today this furnace tests the Renaissance since the increasing number of our compatriots prefer to cook bread in the furnace the hands without application of various additives, such as amplifiers of taste, preservatives.

The increasing popularity is received today by furnaces under a cauldron, executed of a brick or cast iron. One of the reasons of so considerable prevalence of the furnace for cauldrons is that unique taste of pilaf which can be reached at its preparation in the present pig-iron a cauldron on fire from firewood. Construction of such furnaces should be carried out so that heating of a cauldron was carried out most evenly and most fully i.e. that arose the used volume of a cauldron. For this purpose it is the most expedient to carry out dymootvodyashchy openings on all cauldron perimeters. Term of construction of such furnace – from 20 days. Working costs – from 80 т.р.

Term of construction of the furnace, fireplace makes 14-20 days. Term of construction of a barbecue of the complex which is turning on the furnace, a fireplace, table-tops with a sink or the smoking shed makes 20-30 days. Term of construction of the Russian furnace – from 30 days.

Cost of construction of the furnace, fireplace or barbecue is defined by cost used a material and working costs of the master.

By the second criterion the range of disorder of values makes hundreds percent (from average value). For the Moscow region average cost of a laying of a fireplace (for May of 2014 g) made 80-100 т.р., Swede furnaces – 60-80 т.р., cost of construction of the Russian furnace – from 150 т.р.

Masters from regions take essentially less, but to choose there the confided master or the master having representative "референс a leaf" it is essential more difficult.

Before the beginning of construction of a fireplace or the furnace surely carefully think over where at you the fireplace or the furnace will settle down. Not for nothing said earlier, it is necessary what to dance from an oven therefore at first did the furnace, and then all house round it. The question of rational placement of a fireplace is not such simple, apparently, therefore it is meaningful to familiarize with the corresponding recommendations about this subject. For example, they can be found on a site, undressed «Where to place a fireplace».

Fireplaces, furnaces and a barbecue have considerable weight therefore demand existence of the reliable strong basis which will not be deformed, collapse at pressure of the center, thereby will prevent cracking of massifs settling down on them from a brick.

Remember that for the high-grade traditional fireplace executed from a brick or a stone insufficiently simply of a plate of overlapping. Even in the thickness 30 or even 50 mm. Even at such thickness of overlappings under pressure of several tons in view of lack of a support of a plate over time to cave in. Cracking of a laying of the furnace or a fireplace will be an inevitable consequence of it. Does not save on the base for the furnace, a fireplace or a barbecue. On a subject of construction of the base for a fireplace, the furnace or a barbecue you can find specialized articles on a site

At a choice of the contractor which will build your fireplace, the furnace or a barbecue simply remember that with fire do not joke. Trust it to professionals.

After completion of construction of the furnace and especially a fireplace familiarize with rules of their operation. The correct operation of a fireplace will allow to prevent its premature destruction or appearance damage.

The Raslovo-Kladka company – – carries out construction of all types of furnaces, fireplaces and a barbecue.

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