Classification and types of torches

There is no big exaggeration a statement that the torch is the most real heart of any heating system as it provides possibility of achievement of a maximum level of efficiency, uniform combustion of fuel, and also minimization of volume of harmful emissions in the atmosphere. To provide it it is possible by means of special system of automatic equipment which will operate burning process, and also to supervise safety level, disconnecting or renewing burning process under certain conditions (a heat-carrier overheat, fuel interruption of supply and so on).

The modern Russian market differs a big variety of torches, to be guided in which not easy even to the skilled buyer. To facilitate a choice, for a start it is necessary to deal with specifics of work of torches of different types.

Torches can be classified depending on a type of used fuel on:

  • gas torches
  • liquid-fuel torches
  • the combined or multifuel torches.

Gas torches

Classification and types of torchesMost widely gas torches which have low cost are widespread in Russia, and also are unpretentious in operation. Gas torches, in turn, depending on a way of supply of air in a working part, share on two groups:

  • atmospheric gas torches
  • inflatable gas torches

Atmospheric gas torches (them sometimes in addition call injector) usually enter into a standard complete set of a heating copper. At their use supply of air in a zone of combustion of fuel by means of submitted under the pressure of a gas stream is carried out. By default industrially there is a control of a similar copper for work on natural gas. In case the heating equipment works at the liquefied gas, it is necessary to establish and adjust a special additional set. It is necessary to refer high safety, reliability, constructive simplicity and low noise level to advantages of atmospheric gas torches.

Feature of inflatable gas torches is existence of the built-in fan which provides compulsory supply of air. Possibility to regulate capacity of a torch of this type allows to optimize process of burning and as a result to increase efficiency of the heating equipment, to save gas, and also to reduce emission of carbon dioxide in environment. From shortcomings of inflatable gas torches it should be noted, perhaps, only higher noise at work, however this shortcoming is leveled by means of introduction of special premiksny inflatable torches.

Liquid-fuel torches

Classification and types of torches As fuel for liquid-fuel torches the biofuel, the fulfilled oil, and also oil products of various stages of distillation can act. If to speak about popularity, most widely torches which work at diesel fuel today are presented and treat ventilyatorny type. On a performance level diesel liquid-fuel torches at all do not concede to gas systems and even have a number of advantages before them.

First of all, it should be noted higher stable capacity of work, considerably smaller capital expenditure for installation and service, and also ability with high reliability to work in the conditions of too frigid climate.

The second type of liquid-fuel torches are black oil torches. They in turn have a number of advantages before the diesel: higher durability and reliability. Besides, it is worth to remember about that fuel oil is much cheaper raw materials, than diesel fuel. Black oil torches more often at the industrial enterprises, and also in boiler rooms of systems of a central heating are used. Diesel it is possible to meet in a life more often.

As a rule, liquid-fuel torches use in case it is impossible to provide stable supply of gas (it speaks in lower cost of natural gas).

The combined torches

Classification and types of torchesAs it is already possible to understand from the name, the combined torches can work at once at several types of fuel needlessly to mount various additional devices. However the combined torches have the shortcomings. So, first of all, it should be noted rather high complexity of similar heating devices. As a result it leads to significant increase in cost of the equipment, and also demands rather difficult and high-quality maintenance. One more rather essential lack of the combined torches is rather low level of efficiency.

Thus, each of presented types of torches has both the advantages, and the shortcomings. Proceeding from it, it is necessary to understand accurately what to make a choice for this or that torch it is necessary, considering level of tasks which are shown to a torch and heating system, and also availability of this or that type of fuel.

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