How to choose a gas copper

To the main destinations of coppers refer heating and heating of cold water. They are subdivided on one-planimetric and double-circuit. In the first case the equipment carries out only heating function. For this purpose use GVS-boyler. It heats up water from a copper tap water. In the second case, the copper carries out at once both tasks – heating of water and heating. The capacity of such equipment is defined in kW. The it is more than a capacity, the load of heating is higher. If the gas copper has big capacity, use of the additional heat exchanger is necessary.

In order that it is correct to pick up the gas equipment, it is possible to use a ratio – 1 kW * 10 sq.m (for height of ceilings of a room no more than 3 meters).

Choosing the equipment, it is necessary to consider some factors:

  • volume of all heated room;
  • level of an uteplennost of a room;
  • dimensions of windows;
  • accounting of all possible consumers of heat power.

For more thorough selection of a copper it is important to carry out heattechnical calculation of all building.

As a torch the equipment happens:

  • ventilyatorny;
  • the atmospheric.

The first option can work at liquid and gas fuel. Transition from each type of fuel should be accompanied by torch change. The atmospheric torch is used for burning of gas fuel. Such coppers possess silent work. As a rule, such type is applied to work on gas fuel.

On type розжига the gas copper happens:

  • the piezoelectric;
  • the electric.

In the first case for copper inclusion it is enough to press the button manually. Its inclusion is accompanied by burning of a zapalny match by means of which there is the subsequent розжиг.
In the second case, the zapalnik does not burn and it saves gas. Inclusion occurs on the machine gun by means of a spark.

The wall gas equipment is used for heating and water heating for the rooms which total area does not exceed 300м2. These are premises, small shops. These coppers are easily mounted and are equipped with all necessary automatic systems. Besides, their small sizes and design promote available installation in any rooms.

At the correct installation and operation the expiration date of such type of the equipment can be till 20 years.
If there will be the unforeseen situations connected with shutdown of an electricity, the equipment will cease to work, but at inclusion of an electricity will work automatic renewal of work of a copper.

If there will be a shutdown of supply of gas fuel, automatic system of safety by which coppers with an atmospheric torch are equipped, will give team for valve closing. And after renewal of supply of gas, the torch will not join therefore to make it it is necessary manually.
It is also possible to transfer coppers to work at the liquefied gas, experts with the license for permission should carry out these works. Besides, it is possible to install several coppers. It will allow to provide a reserve if one of them ceases to work.
The choice of the gas equipment should occur on the basis of data of a concrete room. Installation should be carried out only by the qualified experts or under their control.

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