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How to choose a copper of heating

With approach of colds by topical issue there is a choice of a copper of heating. And to make a start here it is best of all from own requirements. After all the decision, equally good for all, simply does not exist. As to choose the best heating copper for yourRead More

Questions of the organization of system of heating and hot water supply

Today the questions connected with carrying out engineering communications, excite not only owners of country houses in territories where there is no possibility to be connected to stationary system, but also some inhabitants of high-rise buildings. Such developmentRead More

The economy is warm by own efforts

Every year the main municipal resources everything become more expensive to Russians. The beginning of 2012 when tariffs for the first time for many years remained at level last years became the unique exception of this rule. However it was necessary to rejoiceRead More

Modern boiler automatic equipment

Today prompt development of technologies with progressing updating of the let-out equipment is observed, there are all new possibilities for economy of various resources and a human factor at the expense of automation of the sphere of production. The boiler equipmentRead More

Pluses of cordial relations

It is known that the warmer walls, the are lower expenses on heating. However even the most advanced stroiyotelny technologies will not provide absolute comfort — without system of heating not to manage. Therefore, having appeared on a choice threshold — typesRead More

Independent gasification: heat and a cosiness in a country house

One of the most demanded types of fuel for provision of energy of private and industrial facilities the homogeneous mix which was under pressure of butane and propane — the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas (SUG) is considered. Use and transportation of the liquefiedRead More

Social sphere asks heat

According to Alexander Zhukov, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, more than 70 % of the Russian medical institutions of the country are in great need under repair and переоснащении1. At the same time, in Russia major maintenanceRead More