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From where came and as power effective houses

get accustomed in Russia The problem of shortage of housing traditionally is one of the most actual for our country. Having understood hopelessness of attempts to settle all needing in high-rise city apartment houses, the Russian government headed for developmentRead More

Optimum house: it is practical, it is comfortable, safe

New heating season not far off. Respectively, today we discuss questions of heating of optimization of power consumption. 1. What should be heating systems in a modern cottage? What options and combinations of oven, electric, gas and geothermal heating are demandedRead More

Reconstruction of system of heating of the private house

Any, even the most reliable engineering systems of country houses need over time modernization. As shows experiment, it is frequent during the planning and carrying out repair work house owners commit the same mistakes. Experts told about most widespread of themRead More

How to choose a gas copper

To the main destinations of coppers refer heating and heating of cold water. They are subdivided on one-planimetric and double-circuit. In the first case the equipment carries out only heating function. For this purpose use GVS-boyler. It heats up water from aRead More

Universal boiler installations: warmly in each house

Modern block and modular boiler installations are the functional complexes, allowing to bring water heating and heat in each house. For our country where cold weather extends for some seasons in a year, use of the boiler equipment, gas torches and other devicesRead More

There is no prophet in the fatherland of

Prospects of individual heating in Russia What is more effective in the conditions of the city — the centralized or independent heat supply? This question has no definite answer. Opinions are shared not only at branch level, but also the whole states. Merits andRead More

Boiler equipment

Today the market of the boiler equipment offers rather wide range of steam and water-heating coppers, and also coppers working with high-temperature organic heat-carriers. All well imagine for what coppers are intended but to receive more detailed idea of principlesRead More

Accessories for fireplaces

Several centuries ago fireplaces served as heating system of the house, created a special microclimate, warmed in a cold season. Eventually they started to get beautiful outlines, original lines and stylistic decisions. The person thought of the esthetic partyRead More

Torches: instruction on selection

Types of torches in the modern domestic market the large quantity is presented. It seems, among this variety it is possible to find without effort that option which will arrange according to all characteristics. That the choice was successful, it is necessary toRead More

Classification of gas torches

Among different types of torches gas are the most demanded. It no wonder as advantages of the similar equipment are obvious. It is possible to argue with confidence: it is necessary to buy a gas torch to solve the corresponding problems most effectively and rationallyRead More