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As the system of heating

works All know that it is warmly necessary to save and it is favorable. But very few people understands how to do it in practice, in a real house. However sooner or later such knowledge will be useful to all owners as they should make the decision on structureRead More

Innovations – not luxury!

Every day advanced technologies borrow more and more a place in our everyday life, however many believe that innovations – inadmissible luxury. To think so — a big mistake as modern technical solutions for the house are urged to save first of all money, helpingRead More

Benefit — the best argument

On set necessary for operation of the private house of engineering systems each project turns out individual even if standard architectural decisions are applied. Depending on a concrete situation, it is necessary to speak about various admissible capacity of powerRead More

Classification and types of torches

There is no big exaggeration a statement that the torch is the most real heart of any heating system as it provides possibility of achievement of a maximum level of efficiency, uniform combustion of fuel, and also minimization of volume of harmful emissions inRead More

Power effective and multiroom. Practice of savings of energy in apartment houses and available sources of financing.

Processes of inflation and increase of cost of fuel and energy resources inevitably influence owners of apartments at the expense of annual growth of cost of housing-and-municipal services. For example, tariffs of housing and communal services in Moscow for 2013Read More

We study on own mistakes

To write about the problems connected with the beginning of a heating season, became at us already tradition. However usually this subject is shined somehow one-sidedly. As a rule, events of city and regional scale, type of failures get to hot news on heating plantsRead More

House house-keeper

Expenses on heating and the maintenance of the private house or cottage can reach several tens of thousands rubles a year. And because of rise in price of energy resources this sum annually grows. Spreading for heat, an electricity and the other benefits of a civilizationRead More

Energy saving bears fruit

«The road will master going», the known proverb says. And today it is quite applicable to realities of municipal everyday life of Russians. In 2010 the administration of the Dobryansky city settlement (Perm Krai) initiated carrying out reconstruction of heatingRead More

Universal decision

Use of power effective automatic equipment in heat supply systems already became in Russia a standard de facto as it directly demand Construction Norms and Regulations 41-01-2003 «Heating, ventilation and conditioning». Thus on installation and operation of theRead More

Advantages of systems of pokvartirny heating

Today one of the most important criteria of purchase of housing in an apartment house is existence in it pokvartirny heating: according to sociologists, this criterion is on the second place after a house site, advancing such important indicators, as the priceRead More