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Warmly, water and steel pipes

With approach of the first frosts in news with an enviable regularity messages on failures on heating systems - then start to appear, there from under the earth hot fountains escape. All this leads to that inhabitants are compelled to be reserved by patience, expectingRead More

5 principles of a right choice of a heater

The end the XX beginning of the XXI century is the period which it is safely possible to call a celebration of technologies and peak of development of technical branch. The changes which have occurred in a science and equipment, concerned literally each of usRead More

Farm of the XXI century

The agriculture in Russia is traditionally subsidized branch, and nearly 25 years of the Post-Soviet period here did not change anything. So, in 2013 the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation recognized as unsuitable for use ? territories of agriculturalRead More

Thermal guns: features of application

During the winter period heating of a room is one of the major tasks. One of the most popular devices, helping to create indoors comfortable temperature, the thermal gun is. By means of this device it is possible to heat up quickly even very big room: warehouseRead More

Barbecue and furnaces fireplaces – features of construction and a design

Fireplaces, furnaces and modern barbecues complexes are in essence intended for various use allocated at combustion of fuel of thermal energy. Fireplaces have for an object heating of a stone hall; furnaces - heating and cooking; a barbecue complexes - cookingRead More

Use of radiatorny distributors for the individual accounting of heat in multiroom buildings

For the last decade in housing and communal services of Russia there was a set of changes. One of the innovations, a great impact both on the market of utilities, and on the equipment market for engineering systems, the Federal law No. 261-FZ became made. It ordersRead More

The good flue – will save your money

Each owner building the private house, the owner erecting production or office building, first of all, reflects to use what construction materials to receive a ratio the price – quality. The same treats and the equipment making heat. Reliability of the heatingRead More

We are heated intelligently

Despite existence in the cities of a central heating, heating of housing is a sore point for the majority of inhabitants of apartment houses. That it is necessary to freeze in inter-season period, on the contrary, to hold window leaves constantly open and actuallyRead More

Graceful decision

Every year before the Russian construction branch everything rises a question of need of revision of standard projects of residential buildings for the purpose of introduction of systems of heating with horizontal poetazhny distributing, including in serial constructionRead More

We warm a flue – we rescue from a fire a fireplace

The summer passes in Russia quickly and imperceptibly. Three months it is possible to rejoice to hot weather, and other nine – only to dream of it. In the long autumn evenings and at the winter nights the system of a central heating rescues from colds in apartmentsRead More